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  • Trainwreck with no hope in sight...

    What a mess Arrow has become. I used to sing the praises of this show after the first 2 seasons. I told everyone I could think of that if they weren't watching the show already, they were missing one of the best comic-book adapted TV shows ever. I can't say that any longer. It has simply gotten more and more awful as the last two seasons have gone on. Killing Laurel was a cop out. It's lazy storytelling. Much of the shows failures is because it turned into a soap opera with season 3 well into this season and continues. I said from the very beginning putting Oliver and Felicity was a mistake and I was right. The flirting aspects of their relationship was quaint but it didn't need to go beyond that. Once they concentrated on those two, everyone else went into the foreground. What they should have just done is killed all the supporting characters and left those two and called it "The Adventures of Oliver and Felicity" because that's what the show has now become. I'm done with the show after this season. There's a far better show on TV right now and it's called The Flash, which puts more of an emphasis on the action and all the characters.
  • Soap getting worse every episode

    After two seasons of fun,dark and action packed drama, Arrow has lost its charm and has become boring, complaining, self-blaming and too much of a soap. Everyone in the show keeps blaming themselves for every little thing and half the dialogues are about this. The parallel past story has become less intriguing and the villian(s) are more irrelevant and the story is based mostly on the 'Brooding Team Arrow'
  • Stop trashing Arrow and stop complaining about it, seriously!!!

    Im sick and tired of reading everywhere on social media/internet that they blame Olicity/Felicity for everything that has gone 'wrong' with Arrow. .. bullying Emily because she plays Felicity. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! STOP INSULTING HER AND EVERYBODY ON THE SHOW!!!! Whats wrong with you? Are you like 10 years old?! Seriously, This is a TV SHOW! And they made it perfectly clear that the show is only based on the show and they tried to go with the comics (slighty) in season 1 and that didn't work out. Otherwise why make a tv show, you could just read the comics. PEOPLE, YOU ARE FOCUSSING TO MUCH ON THE COMICS! THIS IS NOT THE COMICS (they said that from the beginning, it's just based on the comics), AND IF YOU DIDN'T REALIZE IT, YOU HAVE BEEN NOT WATCHTING THE SHOW PROPERLY! Nobody is forcing you to watch. Just that the show and story doesn't go your way, or how it goes in the comics.. STOP BLAMING AND TRASHING EVERYTING ON OLICITY!!!!! The same goes for Emily. I for one like Olicity/Felicity, BUT I also like Laurel as Black Canary and I didn't like the last episode where she died although I hope they faked her death or something like that or bring her back. She deserved better, I totally agree on that and she should still be on the show. I get it, I really do, the diehard fans of the comics and that they want to protect the legacy of the Green Arrow and the Lauriver fandom.. I get it, but still who knows what will happen on the show and if they bring Laurel back. But stop blaming and trashing Olicity. Because you know what, even the actors and mostly Emily and writers/producers, they also have feelings. I've been bullied myself and I know how it feels. Maybe the actors etc. can let it go and ignore it mostly, but it still hurts, trust me. And don't forget it's just a tv show. They work hard and long hours and away from their families most of the year to bring us entertainment, because that's what it is! What the show is about and everyone involves Arrow (actors/writers/producers/crew) deserve better then what they got these last weeks! Are you a writer/producer/actor of a tv show? NO!? Then you don't get to judge them or even know why they make hard dicisions. But seriously, stop trashing olicity/felicity and Emily. Because who the hell are you to do that? And it is simply bullying!!!!

    Although the first 2 seasons were the strongest, I still like watching Arrow. Can it be less about Olicity and more focus on the other stuff, sure. But it also about the journey of Oliver as the Green Arrow but also his as a person, his growth and like it or not, that includes Felicity. If you paid attention, she is the one he trust the most and confided in over the years, not Laurel, I'm sorry but that is the truth. If you can't see that, then you've been watching the wrong show and only been only focussing on the comics.

    So get over yourself Olicity haters. I've seen so much hurt/hate comments between Olicity fans and Lauriver fans but mainly towards the Olicity fandom and I think it's wrong. Respect each others point of views. I like both characters, Laurel and Felicity. And remember, the actors don't write the scripts/stories so don't address your anger towards the actors but keep it to yourself or say it more on a polite manner. And if you don't like Olicity, stop going to their fandom social media accounts and put nasty comments. RESPECT EACH OTHERS OPINIONS!!!! And respect the writers/producers/actors of the show as well. Because who are you to call them names or worse?? Do you know them personally? No! So you HAVE NO right saying all that hurtfull/nasty stuff about them.

    I hope season 5 will be as strong as the first 2 seasons, but I'll like and watch it either way because I like Oliver (and Stephen :-) obviously!) and I'm curious how his story continues.
  • A soap opera with an agenda

    The first season was good, but even it suffered from the political agenda of the producers. Now all it is, is a soap opera with arrows. I have come to the conclusion that Marvel has snapped up all the decent writers so the DC crowd is left with scripts incapable of being entertaining without cramming u needed political and social discourse down the viewers throat. There's enough of that on CNN.
  • Fans Stop Complaining

    I loved the first 3 seasons of arrow. I don't know what everyone is complaining about the show as it goes into the end of season 4. I know some people expects it to be exactly like the comic book characters but come on not every movie is exactly like the book right so not every show will be exactly like the comics. The show is still great nothing has killed it I still enjoy it and others still do too. People just has to except it and they need to know that they are not gonna get what the want the show to be. I'm mad about the death of laurel but that doesn't mean the show isn't good. Besides we gotta admit ARROW is one of the few great show on TV these days. So stop complaining and see what the Show has in store for us as a finely and for next season.
  • My last Epis.

    In the comics the Green Arrow stays with the Black Canary and now this is not possible, maybe with Sara but i dont !!! The writers are destroying this fantastic serie.
  • Not as expected.

    Before I watch Arrow, I was watching Marvel's Agents of Shield and Marvel's Daredevil.

    I decided to watch Arrow cause I love this hero and Black Canary. Now I've watched it until season 4 episode 13 and I have to say I am not impressed.

    I've waited to see something that would surprise me and impress me but it's just not there.

    Why? Because for me it's just not that good.

    I compare this show with Agents of Shield and Marvel's Daredevil and sorry to say this but man..... AOS and Daredevil is so much better. They are truly based on the comic books and legit cool.

    Some people might say that comic books and tv shows are different, but sorry to say, Marvel writers did a very badass job on their TV shows and that is because they KEEP sticking to the comic book story.

    I know it's not easy to be a writer and write stories like this, but this show might be better if they just follow the comics man.... Black Canary is way cooler in the comics. If they follow the comic plot you guys probably won't hate Laurel like now.

    For those of you who's tired of this show.. just watch Marvel's AOS, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. I promise it won't be disappointing.

  • I'm done!!

    This will be my last season - I'm done watching this show. There is many frustrating stuff: extremaly stupid decisions of main characters (I know those are popular in TV shows but this one has too may of them), poor fighting/shooting scenes (slow and predictable), no consistence in the fighting abilities of main characters (he wins with the big boss and looses with a random bad guy) etc. etc. I could keep going but I think you get the point.
  • Episode 17...

    ... Won't air here for another three weeks so I can't review it until then!!!!!
  • ahhh,....

    I dont mind messing with the relationship, but i hate seeing felicity's sarcasm.. she used to be cool girl and stealing this show with her screen presence. i might stop watching after this season end.
  • Oliver and Felicity

    I love this show, it is one of my favorites. But with that said, i am really tired of writers messing with the relationships of the main characters. This type of story line has been done to death. They do not need to go in the 'on again - off again' story line - it is really frustrating. The writers have so many areas they can utilize with out going to a story line that is 'OVER USED'. If they keep them broke up and/or Felicities character is no longer on the show I will stop watching. The relationship of this cast is incredible and works well - so if it is not broke - don't fix it!
  • jeffrey scott berry says

    this is a great show I don't know who watches it though who is archer or archie the comic character is that what this is based off of?
  • there is just too much negativity on this site

    I get that some don't agree with the writers choices on this show but every time I log on to read the reviews there is just too much negativity and people are too hung up on the last few seasons or comic books. I still enjoy reading them but I find that on Tumblr. the fandom is much more lighter and the reviews are better not just on Tumblr. but also on other sites.

    I'm still as much as a fan of this show as in the beginning!
  • music

    I like the show but the music is killing me, doe;s it have to be that loud.
  • Great start, now i stopped watching this bullshit show...

    Oliver and Thea many months, even years, to get that good at it and John Diggle was formally trained in the military. Laurel has always been a joke as far as I'm concerned, and this transition into an avenger is so WRONG!!

    Somehow the writers have latched onto the stupid idea that other action shows have begun, which is showing scenes from the FUTURE. Really??? That makes the show even more difficult to watch! I, for one, will find something else to watch in its stead if this crap doesn't stop before the end of the season.

    Please, writers... give Oliver his cajones back, and take Laurel's away!!

    The only ones making any sense and keeping my respect are Diggle and his family.

    ps: guys with rifles ,2 feet of oliver misses all shots, oliver takes all guys 5 with a bow... WOW
  • Oliver- Felicity tandem!

    When i started watching this show last month m kinda love the Queen family esp Oliver. m excited and addicted too it.

    I love it so much! esp d the twist of Oliver falling inlove with Felicity & d engagement episode.

    but Please take Laurel out of the picture or even in the Arrow!! she is just a lousy hero..

    Cant wait to see d next episodes in season4. now I am so glad that I started watching this show. I really loveMORE and more excited to what happen next!!! good luck team Arrow!!!
  • Here's a Good Point...

    The way I see it, you can watch the show, and enjoy it. (I do) Or, STOP WATCHING. But, to read all the moaning and groaning and b***hing, bout it. The first season was great, now it sucks. Go to school and learn how to be a writer. Then see how hard it is. Pay your dues to get in the door to start make a living at it. Pour your time and energy into writing a script. Just so, some couch potato, who's done nothing can say it was a waste. I'm not trying to start a war. Everyone is in title to their opinion. But, no one and I mean no one, likes a HATER. So, Watch and enjoy or Don't Watch and enjoy something else. No ones holding a gun to your head. Season 1 thru Season 4 has been quit entertaining.
  • Potential Wasted

    Seriously, this show is going down the crapper... it was a really good show until the end of season 2, then the quality just keeps falling down. I was hoping that after a wishy-washy season 3, that season 4 would be better, but nope. It's really a shame what CW is doing with a show with so much potential.
  • "Blood

    I also am becoming very disappointed in the direction these episodes are going. This episode, "Blood Debts" falls far short of the title and is more ridiculous than the last one ("Dark Waters").

    Felicity has been shot and is now paralyzed, and apparently is going to remain so for the rest of her life.

    Green Arrow, aka Oliver, keeps fighting Darhk head-on. It has never worked in any of his previous head-on meetings with the dastardly demon, so why would he do it again? It is said that the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Duh. Also, Oliver has become so very passive it's become embarrassing!

    Laurel?.. Now there's a perfect example of 'REDICULOUS'! She always has been a whiney, self-centered baby, and now she's magically transformed into a masked avenger with all the skills of a martial arts expert. All of that after very little training. It took Oliver and Thea many months, even years, to get that good at it and John Diggle was formally trained in the military. Laurel has always been a joke as far as I'm concerned, and this transition into an avenger is so WRONG!!

    Somehow the writers have latched onto the stupid idea that other action shows have begun, which is showing scenes from the FUTURE. Really??? That makes the show even more difficult to watch! I, for one, will find something else to watch in its stead if this crap doesn't stop before the end of the season.

    Please, writers... give Oliver his cajones back, and take Laurel's away!!

    The only ones making any sense and keeping my respect are Diggle and his family. Go figure.
  • Please take my advice Arrow Crew

    Ok I love this show so much l, I actually started watching season one like 2 days ago and I'm now on season 3 episode 22, I literally have gotten addicted to it. But the thing that frustrated me the most with the show is how felicity smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) is now starting to pretty much date Oliver "Stephen Amell". Stephen Amell is a fantastic actor by the way and great role model, but I think the person Oliver should be with is laural, I mean they have deep history and it just seems right! Not felicity they make her act weird on the show and it's nothing against the actor or anything, I just prefer Laural and Oliver together. And another thing that made me upset was when Sarah "Caity Lotz" died. WHY, she was just a boss. I think her death was way to soon. Also I wanna see more of Celinda Jade, whether it's Shado or the twin May. Other then that I love the show but would really like if felicity would back off of "oli" its laurels man...

    Oliver Queen is a girl now with all these feelings. Laurel NEEDS TO PLEASE DIE, she's basically a "See You Next Tuesday", Felicity is annoying more than ever and making Oliver a wuss. Speedy is unrealistic beating up 3-4 men twice her size. Season 1 was great, season 2 ok, season 3 watch-able and season 4 is painful.

    It's time to stop watching this show and go back to watching Flash only. Least every girl on that show doesn't turn into a 100lb superhero.

    This show has turned into a woman's superhero bitch fest where all people do is whine, complain, and blame others.

  • Cannot Stand Laurel

    Seriously? Laurel is going to learn how to fight and be a superhero, too? Ugh. She is incredibly lame and constantly whining about how things aren't fair. And watch, after just a couple lessons she will magically be entirely proficient in taking the bad guys down. Sadly, this show is starting to lose interest for me. Oh, and not to mention that Oliver has become "Mr. Sensitive I'm in Touch with my I really miss Season One.
  • arrow blahs

    If this is the way oliver is going to act ,like a little bitch i wont be watching ANYMORE!
  • Lost Souls

    Felicity doesn't take Oliver's rebuffing well. . FREELY FOR YOU
  • Laurel is becoming a little too stupid

    She never sees how ridiculous and self centered her decisions are, in particular the inane decision to bring Sarah back even after the problems with Thea's blood lust. Seriously, what did she expect ... and now she blames Oliver .... aie. Do something .... please.
  • John Constantine

    Pleaseeee make JOHN CONSTANTINE show by The CW
  • If I Didn't Know Better

    I'd say that this show is written by 55+ yr old Jewish Men and Women. So much whining, guilt, hypocrisy and finger pointing. Uggh. Every time you turn around some is making someone else feel guilty about something, or whining about something. And it's unrealistic to have a woman's hair so perfect after a 2 minute fight scene. No one ever seems to sweat.

  • Love This Show!!!!

    I love this look forward to Wednesdays every week. The combination of personalities and skills is wonderul!
  • Great escapism TV

    I remember watching Arrow when it first came on and not being particularly interested, but after binge watching the entire first season of The Flash what got me hooked was the character of Felicity Smoak so of course I had to check out the show where she was a main character and the rest is history. This season is shaping up to be a winner but the foreshadowing of events to come in the premiere episode was a bit alarming. Look forward to seeing the rest of the season.
  • Please stop with the PC BS.

    Show was good when it started. Now everyone in the cast is a superhero, homosexual crap. WTH? Can't these producers just stick to what made Green Arrow popular to begin with? Why all the agenda based garbage? Seriously.
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