Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2013 on The CW

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  • Spectacular as usual.

    Another wonderful episode of Arrow as we get a Green Arrow wannabe who goes after someone very much connected to the main story, which sets up a multi-faceted need to bring him down.

    I love Roy - he adds a lot to the show, and I love the way he helps develop Thea as a character, too. I hope that is something that continues for some time.

    THe storyline with the Lances was great, albeit anticlimactic. Would have been interesting, bu t it all fell apart in the end.

    Looking forward to more though!
  • Salvation

    Salvation was a supreme episode of Arrow and I really enjoyed watching. The story was complex and well written. There was a lot of drama, intrigue and character building. Everyone's pathz become entangled and there wew many surprising moments. I liked how everything played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Response To: DespinaPitaro

    Really? Where have you been for the last 2-3 episodes? We have already found out that the other archer is Tommy's father, Malcom. We found this out in the same episode when the Triads were hired to assassinate him. He takes Tommy to his room and he opens up his secret room to reveal his "archer" uniform.

    I'm giving this a "1" rating, because I'm sadly disappointed in your knowledge of the show):
  • A traitor in our midst.....................

    Wow, I didnt see that of all I admire Ollie's sense of justice. But when it comes to her of which it as quite awful what he did to Chen but she had no choice. Are we sure Sarah died and what about the other archer who I am afraid we willl be familliar with (one of our friends on the island)
  • Good Story

    Great episode! One of the best so far? Probably. I was started to not want to watch this show. Roy is bringing a lot to this show. I originally didn't want him, but now I love him. He even makes me like Thea. I love that she was crying over him @ her brothers club not caring who sees her. ( they just let her hang, underage?) Then Roy shows up & she's like I'm gonna clean up Also, I both like & hate the fact that they are debatable dating.

    Manu Bennett is the BEST! He was Crixus in Spartacus, & he is JACKED! IDK why he uses a gun, he's got SO much training from Spartacus, where he JUST finished up w. I want him to not die.

    But SRSLY this show brought up some great point! WHAT IS the difference between what that guy was doing, and what Oliver is doing? Why is his 'Justice' so much better? Because he gives them a warning, and the other guy only gives 10 minutes to plead for a 2nd change. Yes, one broadcasts their activities on TV, but still. Oliver has committed murder very casually as GA so far. He get's over his hesitation from the island and now has no problem with it,
  • A Deadly Savior

    Once again I utterly enjoyed this episode, however I thought it was a bit predicable.

    Despite that, I loved seeing more flashbacks of the Island, and it was great to properly meet Yao-fei's daughter I can't wait 4 next week to see what the 'plan' is!

    The new vigilante was kinda dumb and I didn't connect to him emotionally still he was a pretty entertaining Villain Of The Week.

    Poor Moria she is really over her head, I really hope that Oliver can find out what that new map means and how it connects everything together!

    I loved the major team work between Diggle, Oliver, and Felicity, I also enjoyed Oliver giving Felicity his support a huge highlight 4 me!

    Watching Roy & Thea's romance continue to blossom was very sweet.

    I also liked Oliver reaching out to Laurel and seeing them start to reconnect was really nice as well.

    The whole thing with Laurel's sister was utterly annoying I didn't like it at all!

    All in all regardless of a few bumps I really loved this episode and I can't wait 4 next week!
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