Arrow - Season 3

Tuesday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered Oct 10, 2012 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/13/15

    To stop Ra's from wiping out Starling City's population, Oliver is forced to reveal his true loyalties. However, when Ra's escapes, Oliver is forced to turn to his friends for help... but they still don't trust him after his betrayal.

  • This Is Your Sword
    Episode 22

    The mole within the League of Assassins sends an unexpected ally to Starling City to summon Diggle, Felicity, and Laurel. Meanwhile, Thea is reunited with Roy.. In the past, Oliver and Maseo capture Shrieve and attempt to get the cure from him.

  • Al Sah-Him
    Episode 21

    While Ra's grooms Oliver to become his successor, Nyssa continues her training of Laurel in Starling City. However, Ra's soon sends men to bring his daughter home, and Laurel asks Diggle and Felicity to help protect her friend.

  • The Fallen
    Episode 20

    Ra's al Ghul makes Oliver an offer he can't refuse. The team join Oliver on his journey to Nanda Parbat where a heartbroken Felicity decides to take matters into her own hands.

  • Broken Arrow
    Episode 19

    Deathbolt, a metahuman who can fire plasma blasts from his eyes, goes on a killing spree in Starling City. Oliver is forced to lie low after Roy claims to be Arrow and lets himself be arrested, so Ray offers to help against the new threat. In the past, Oliver finds out who is responsible for the attacks on him and Maseo's family.

  • Public Enemy
    Episode 18

    While Felicity decides whether she will help an injured Ray with an experimental treatment that could kill him, Oliver and his team go on the run when Quentin issues a warrant for the hero's arrest. Complicating matters, Ra's abducts Quentin as the next stage in his plan to discredit Oliver.

  • Suicidal Tendencies
    Episode 17

    After their second wedding, Lyla and Diggle are called away by Amanda to run a Suicide Squad mission to rescue a captive U.S. senator in Kasnia. Oliver tries to track down the Arrow imposter only to discover that there are more than one, and Ray learns that Oliver is Arrow.

  • The Offer
    Episode 16

    Oliver returns from Nanda Parbat with Malcolm and Diggle after hearing Ra's out, and questions his mission. Meanwhile, a new villain, Murmur, steals a shipment of industrial diamonds. And Quentin turns against Arrow after learning the vigilante knew the truth about Sara's death.

  • Nanda Parbat
    Episode 15

    After discovering how he used her, Thea betrays Malcolm to the League. Oliver tries to stop them to spare Thea the guilt of killing her parent, and travels to Nanda Parbat with Diggle. Meanwhile, Felicity tries to get Ray to focus when she learns that he's on the ragged edge.

  • The Return
    Episode 14

    Malcolm engineers Slade's escape to train Oliver and Thea in how to survive. Meanwhile, five years ago Amanda brings Oliver and Maseo to Starling City to recover the Omega bio weapon, and Oliver must decide whether to stop China White or stay with his friends and family who are falling apart without him.

  • Canaries
    Episode 13

    Laurel faces her greatest fear when Vertigo drugs her with the vertigo drug. Meanwhile, Oliver deals with the team's changes in his absence, and Chase makes his move against Thea.

  • Uprising
    Episode 12

    Malcolm suggests an alliance to take down Brick, but Felicity objects. Meanwhile, Oliver leaves Tibet while in the past, Malcolm discovers who killed Rebecca and goes after him with murder in his heart.

  • Midnight City
    Episode 11

    Brick abducts three city alderman and demands that the mayor remove the police from the Glades. With Oliver gone, Arsenal and Diggle are all that stands between the crime lord and control of the district. However, Laurel insists on helping them, carrying on her sister's legacy as Black Canary. In the past, Maseo reveals to Oliver that he will do anything to save his family.

  • Left Behind
    Episode 10

    Oliver has disappeared for three days, but Felicity refuses to accept that he's dead. Meanwhile, Diggle and Arsenal go after a new crime lord: Brick. Meanwhile, Malcolm travels to Tibet, Ray continues testing his battle armor over Felicity's objections, and Laurel steps outside the law to fight crime.

  • The Climb
    Episode 9

    Ra's al Ghul gives Oliver 48 hours to find Sara's murderer... or watch as the League kills 50 citizens a day. Meanwhile, Ray tries to apologize to Felicity for kissing her, and Oliver discovers who Sara's killer is.

  • 12/3/14

    Barry travels to Starling City with Caitlin and Cisco, and ends up helping defend Lyla against an assassin determined to get his revenge on her despite Arrow and his friend's best efforts. In the past, Oliver is ordered to acquire information from a prison using whatever means necessary.

  • Draw Back Your Bow
    Episode 7

    Arrow gets a stalker when a woman he once rescued decides to start killing criminals in the hopes that the two of them can be together. Meanwhile, Thea gets a new DJ and Ray invites Felicity out to dinner. In the past, Oliver helps Tatsu when Maseo goes missing.

  • Guilty
    Episode 6

    A killer frames Ted for multiple murders, and Arrow tries to find out who is really responsible. Meanwhile, Felicity runs a blood test on Roy at his request. In the past, Tatsu reluctantly helps Oliver track down a missing envelope.

  • 11/5/14

    Felicity's mother Donna arrives in Starling City just as a terrorist group calling itself Brother Eye unleashes a wave of cyber-terror on the city. as Felicity struggles to find the villains, she realizes that they're using a computer virus that she created. Meanwhile, Oliver and Thea try to address their differences, and Laurel makes an error of judgment because of her guilt.

  • The Magician
    Episode 4

    Nyssa believes that Malcolm is Sara's killer, but Oliver isn't convinced. As they seek the truth, Laurel seeks revenge for her sister's murder and Roy tries to repair his relationship with Thea.

  • Corto Maltese
    Episode 3

    Oliver goes to Corto Maltese to bring Thea home, while Lyla asks Diggle to find a missing ARGUS operative. Meanwhile, Ray gives Felicity her first assignment.

  • Sara
    Episode 2

    Oliver and his team look for Sara's killer and the trail leads to an assassin, Komodo, who is methodically eliminating his targets. While they hunt down the killer, Roy tells Oliver why Thea isn't returning his phone calls. In the past, Maseo informs Oliver that he has to kill Tommy Merlyn.

  • The Calm
    Episode 1

    Now that Arrow has crime in Starling City under control, Oliver tries to have a personal life. However, he and Roy are forced to forgo their personal plans when a new Count Vertigo begins dealing drugs, and a charming scientist makes a bid for Queen Consolidated. Meanwhile, Diggle has a new child, Quentin gets a promotion, and Laurel joins Arrow's crimefighting efforts.