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Episode Guide

  • Lian Yu
    Episode 23

    Oliver travels to Lian Yu and assembles an unlikely team of allies after Adrian and his own allies abduct the team... and Oliver's son.

  • Missing
    Episode 22

    The team celebrates Adrian's capture, but soon discover that he had a contingency plan. When his new allies capture Oliver's team, Oliver puts together a new team.

  • Honor Thy Fathers
    Episode 21

    While Oliver deals with the release of the felons that Adrian convicted, Adrian tries to convince Oliver that their fathers were alike. Meanwhile, Quentin tries to convince Rene to testify to regain custody of Zoe.

  • Underneath
    Episode 20

    Adrian turns the bunker into a deathtrap, and traps Oliver and Felicity inside. While they try to get out, they discuss the issues between them.

  • Dangerous Liaisons
    Episode 19

    Oliver and his team join forces with ARGUS to locate Adrian, but Felicity is the one who needs to get the necessary information from Helix to find them. However, doing so will put her on a collision course with the team.

  • Disbanded
    Episode 18

    After Adrian's torture, Oliver disbands the team but Diggle refuses to accept it sitting down. Meanwhile, Felicity gets in deeper with Helix and Curtis agrees to help her.

  • Kapiushon
    Episode 17

    Adrian tries to break Oliver, forcing him to confess the one thing that he's never told anyone else. In the past, Oliver unleashes his inner darkness to take down Kovar once and for all.

  • Checkmate
    Episode 16

    While Oliver discovers Prometheus' true identity and who has been helping him, Felicity calls upon Helix's resources to help her find Susan.

  • 3/1/17

    As mayor, Oliver faces impeachment and Vigilante. He's forced to rely on Adrian to defend him in court and his teammates to defend him against Vigilante. Meanwhile, Felicity continues using the Pandora information and Curtis hopes to be reunited with his husband.

  • The Sin-Eater
    Episode 14

    Arrow's efforts to bring a new villain team of China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner to justice are cut short when the ACU receives evidence tying him to Billy's murder. Meanwhile, Thea convinces Felicity to help her take down Susan.

  • Spectre of the Gun
    Episode 13

    Rene starts to relive painful memories from his past after a traumatic attack at City Hall. Meanwhile, Oliver believes that the best way to stop the one responsible for the attack is to do it as Mayor Queen rather than Green Arrow.

  • Bratva
    Episode 12

    After Walker escapes custody, he flees to Russia to sell the nuclear trigger and the team goes after them... even though the mission will cost them one of their own. meanwhile, Rene stays behind to help Quentin with an interview with Susan.

  • Second Chances
    Episode 11

    While the team tracks down a meta to become the new Black Canary, Felicity rediscovers her hactivist roots. In the past, Talia offers to help Oliver get revenge on Kovar if he'll accept her help dealing with the monster within.

  • Who Are You?
    Episode 10

    The team deals with Laurel's miraculous return, but soon discovers that everything isn't what it seems. Meanwhile, Curtis deals with the aftermath of Paul leaving him, and Felicity comes to terms with Billy's death.

  • 12/7/16

    The team realizes that Prometheus knows who they really are after the killer attacks Curtis. Meanwhile, Billy finds a clue to Prometheus' identity and sends it to Felicity... before the killer captures him.

  • Invasion!
    Episode 8

    Oliver finds himself in the life he would have had if the Queen's Gambit hadn't sank and he hadn't been stranded on the island. Meanwhile Felicity calls in Flash and Supergirl to help her and the recruits battle a superpowered thief who has stolen a piece of technology that she needs to find their missing teammates.

  • Vigilante
    Episode 7

    Oliver faces a new vigilante who reminds him of his killing days when he first returned from the island. Meanwhile, Quentin tells Thea about his blackouts, and Prometheus makes contact with his mole. In the past, Kovar tells Oliver about his new arrangement with the Bratva.

  • So It Begins
    Episode 6

    Oliver realizes that Prometheus' current murder spree is based on his own killings when he first returned from the island... and keeps the information from the recruits. When they find out anyway, they're none too happy. Meanwhile, Felicity uses her relationship with Billy to steal evidence, and wonders whether to come clean with him about her second life.

  • Human Target
    Episode 5

    When Church learns who Green Arrow really is, Oliver brings in a man to impersonate him while he tries to figure out what Church is up to. In the past, Oliver learns that passing the Bratva tests don't mean that every member accepts him.

  • Penance
    Episode 4

    Lyla asks Oliver to help break Diggle out of military prison. When Felicity disapproves of the plan, Oliver goes in alone... unaware that Church has a new plan to secure his hold on Star City.

  • A Matter of Trust
    Episode 3

    Arrow and his team go up against a super-enhanced drug dealer that no longer feels pain. To beat him, Arrow will have to trust his recruits. Meanwhile, Thea gets a harsh listen in the power of the press, while Diggle questions his life after he is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit.

  • The Recruits
    Episode 2

    Oliver's new recruits leave after he puts them through a brutal training regimen. In the past, Oliver fasts a similar initiation at the hands of the Bratva.

  • Legacy
    Episode 1

    Crime lord Tobias Church moves into Star City, ready to unite all of the mobs under one rule. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to deal with his lives as both mayor and vigilante, but finds it tough because his team has left. In the past, Oliver is forced to join the Bratva to get at the man he has promised to kill.