Season 2 Episode 7

State v. Queen

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2013 on The CW
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A deadly illness sweeps through Starling City. When Diggle is struck down, Oliver confirms that the source of the illness is a new version of Vertigo. Tracking down a lead, Felicity is soon captured by The Count, who has escaped prison. Meanwhile, Moira fights for her life in the courtroom against a death sentence, and Laurel is forced to prosecute her when DA Donner is stricken down by the same illness.


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  • Amazing!

    This was one of the best episodes yet, with an exciting trial that ends in rather dubious circumstances, which is revealed right at the very end to be quite sinister indeed!

    Always thought Malcolm was alive, but to be honest, I didn't think we'd see him so soon. Nonetheless, it should make things very interesting indeed.

    The past flashback scenes were very good too.

    The stuff with the Count was alright, but I'm glad he is out of commission for good - it was getting a little tiresome.

    Looking forward to the next one!moreless
  • The surprise return of two old faces..

    The surprise return of two old faces, and a couple of shockers! Great episode. getting a little bored with the flashbacks though, reminds me of Lost!
  • Laurel's relevance

    I feel Laurel should become more relevant she is important to the show, Oliver & her should get back together and stop the guilt over Tommy's death. She should over come her addiction by way of Oliver's herbs & in the process discover who Arrow really is and help him help her father, and finally get married running Queen Consolidated together.
  • Confusion about Merlyn / Thea !!!

    There are a lot of reviews in cyberworld who have completely mis-heard what Merlyn said to Moira at the end of the episode. As Haloprogram says in the below review, Merlyn actually says that he is surprised to find out that Thea IS NOT his daughter. Thus, Moira must have told him that she was in order to protect her against him. And now he knows that Thea isn't his daughter, well he's probably just a teeny tiny bit p1ssed off!!!moreless
  • Isn't it time that Laurel was written out of the series?

    A rule of thumb that TV writers should follow: If they have to contrive situations to give a character screen time, then you get rid of that character, as she no longer fits in the world of the show. Her story line now serves as a distraction, and merely adds melodrama and soap opera, rather than realistic tensions.

    As such, the character has ceased to be important.

    This is Laurel, in ARROW

    The main focus of the series is The Arrow and his exploits, his self-imposed mission of bettering his world. Other characters, like Diggle and Fellicity, as members of his team aiding The Arrow in his efforts, have a direct connection to the main focus.

    Then characters like Office Lance, have visibility when they interact with this focus, when he needs The Arrow & Team or when they need him. Hence his non-appearance this episode, or last. Even Roy comes into play, as his relevance to this focus becomes more intensified.

    Then there are peripheral characters like Moira Queen and Thea. As they are not a direct part of this focus, they have to have their own sub-storylines to get camera time. If not done well, these story-lines come across as contrived and forced, a distraction from the 'real' action, and even an irrelevance. And tend to fall into soap opera status.

    Thea is Merlyn's Daughter???? Or, was that, "isn't" Merlyn's Daughter???? There you have it, pure soap!

    At least these characters have a relationship with the main protagonist, and because of that are unintentionally able to effect how he carries out his mission, therefore pose some relevance, as they have an indirect connection to the focus of the show.

    Lastly, there's Laurel. If she has no relationship with either the main protagonist or his team, then she is irrelevant. Her story line is simply there to give her something to do. No matter how improbable, how unrealistic, and how damaging it is to the overall focus of the series, it's almost like her storyline is written purely to justify the wage the actress is paid, but does nothing to carry on the show.

    Could her storyline get any more contrived than placing her in the extremely improbable situation of as a newbie to the prosecution office, prosecuting a known family friend in an extremely noteworthy, extremely news worthy case?

    The conflict of interest alone would ensure that any verdict the court finally makes, be it guilt or innocence, will always be suspect.

    An aside: How could Moira have hired a defense lawyer who doesn't know what leading the witness means? We witnessed both prosecution lawyers asking question of Thea and Moira respectively, answering these questions themselves, and then making statements interpreting what these answers mean. And not once do we hear an objection from the defence. Maybe the producers should have commissioned David E Kelly to write the court room scenes.

    Anyway, this season so far, Laurel went from "I hate The Hood" to "I'll prosecute Moira Queen", while on the side becoming a potential substance abuser. None of which added to the overall advancement of the show, or carried the storyline further, or had any real relevance to the aforementioned focus of the show.

    An aside number 2: If the writers follow true to form, I predict, her court room experience and the unrealistic emotional tole it had on her, will be the catalyst for her becoming a full-blown alcohol and drug abuser, in the end serving only to justify her remaining as a character in the show, without providing any real relevance. Oh, and as well, simply adding further soap.

    Her character no longer servers the show, so either get rid of her (kill her off, send her away), or make her relevant again.moreless
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