Season 2 Episode 22

Streets of Fire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2014 on The CW
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As Slade unleashes his wave of Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers on Starling City, Oliver and his team prepare to take them on. Meanwhile, Malcolm returns to town to meet his biological daughter.

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  • A movie!

    each episode is like a MOVIE what show is this!!!!!!!!
  • mayhem

    Poor Starling City. It seems that a big part of it gets destroyed every year or so.

    The Mirakuru soldiers are rampaging, Starling City is burning and Argus is about to drop a bomb on everything.

    In this mayhem we get some quieter scenes, which is great as too much action would just be overwhelming . My favorite is Felicity and Arrow, where she builds him up again. These two are great together. They don't need sizzling attraction, they are much better with mutual understanding and quiet affection.

    A bit forced was the building up of Sara, when she had doubts that she was only a bad person and not a heroe at all. They had to go for the saving someone out of a burning building and someone else saying out loud: " She is a hero!" Not very subtle.

    Great to see father Lance back in the good graces of the police. He developed into a really good guy and I hope the police will keep their current attitude towards the Arrow and work with him and not against him in the next series.

    I still don't quite understand how Blood got the cure without Slade and Isabelle noticing when he took it. This will probably be a scene they cut out and we will get in the DVD special features.

    Thea has developed into quite the angry young woman. In the scenes with Malcolm it was great how they put out the question how he was still alive and then dodged it in putting another question straight after it with Malcolm only answering the second one. I hope the writers know how he survived and will let us know at some point. And wow, Thea really shot at Malcolm. But I must say that you don't really know if she really shot him or only shot the gun in his direction but somewhere else than him on purpose as we don't really see him get hit. She and Malcolm would make quite the team. Perhaps he will train her and we will get a new adversary for the Arrow.

    On the island there is the indication that he will probably spend more time with Anatoli next season. He will probably be the one to teach him Russian, which he already began a bit. I still don't know who taught Olliver Chinese as he only spoke English with Shado.

    Let's see how they wrap it all up in the finale next week.moreless
  • Best of best serial

    Arrow serial, I have been watching it right from the start. This story is based on family, there attachment, Love for and responsibility towards each other and for their city. All is good about this Actor, acting, direction. Mother Mrs. Queen plays best role. She is soft-spoken, responsible, lovable, kind hearten, ready to take suffering, Face all the hard time and difficulties, without uttering a word, she love her children, husband and her work as well as entire sterling city. Yet she is brave, courage's, never gives up. Mother queen has an important hold on this Complete story. Now she is been given a chance less death by being killed by super villain, why? She was never a threat to villain slade because he was very powerful and together he could kill or crush all queen family at any time. Showing this will not bring son Oliver in any pressure. But surely take away the concentration off this complete story. Story now turns from here, from Family to action and science fiction. This story was showing day-to-day life of people, families in sterling city,this is real, even Sci-Fi was excepted (mirikuru). Mrs Queen She is very much required in this complete story. Writer must make correction in 20 &21 episode and bring back mother Mrs Queen alive, she was in good health, even natural death if shown in the story was wrong.

    Malcom's appearance should have been shown at the point of kidnapping of thea, oliver, and there mother. And a better fight with malcom, Arrow together against slade Wilson, makes him run. results in setting free thea, and mother. This was a better story direction, and will keep the story of Arrow alive. Slade kills, Thomson mayor any one can be made Mayor, but Mrs. queen on this mayor's position is best. So this correction is required, or this story ends like an action Sci-Fi movie

    And the story line of family story, all Happy families of sterling city, happy ending, after an Action end in Sci-Fi.

    Full marks to Mothers role acting done. The best Acting given by Mrs. Queen, this was the most difficult role. I have seen a lot of acting. Mrs. Queen is a real mother role, is the best actor. Performance of Detective role Daddy of Sara/Laurel is a real life Performance. Best acting. All every actor has performed well, so good acting.

    With regards best of best, from sanjeev kore revenkar.

  • Well Done

    Great Episode
  • Terrible night, indeed.

    I keep asking myself why people give this show such luminous reviews. I would agree that the acting is solid, the characters well sketched, the special . But for the life of me 1] I cannot understand why people enjoy mopping the floor with the show's heroes. 2] I do not understand why the writers created anti-heroes 10 times the strength and 1000 times the resiliency of the heroes. 3] I find the flashbacks to the . 4] Thea is whiny. 5] Laurel is irritatingly determined and self-righteous. 6] The endless pregnant pauses of interpersonal melodrama are annoying, particularly when you want to see some kick ass while the damn city is in friggn' ruins. 7] And what's with that city, anyway? Would you live there? When this show first aired I really loved it, fyi.moreless
Victoria Bidewell

Victoria Bidewell

Young Mother

Guest Star

Brian Jagersky

Brian Jagersky


Guest Star

Kam Kozak

Kam Kozak

Mirakuru Soldier

Guest Star

Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro

Sebastian Blood

Recurring Role

Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz

Black Canary

Recurring Role

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

Isabel Rochev

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Isabel: You can't kill me.
      Diggle: You're not invincible.
      Isabel: Close enough.

    • Oliver: We have one torpedo left, right?
      Anatoly: Da.
      Oliver: Can you rig it to fire in a straight line?
      Anatoly: I'm discovering capacity to do many things I never thought I would do.

    • Sebastian: But this city... it's mine, too.
      Slade: Not anymore. As of tomorrow night, it'll be nothing, but rubble, ash, and death. A land only good for one thing. Graves.

    • Oliver: I have failed this city. Yao Fei. Shado. Tommy. My father, my mother. All that I have ever wanted to do is honor those people.
      Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, the Clock King, the Triad--everyone who is trying to hurt this city, you stopped them. And you will stop Slade.
      Oliver: I don't know how.
      Felicity: Neither do I. But I do know two things. You are not alone. And I believe in you.

    • Felicity: Oliver, John--um, maybe this is obvious, but are we sure this isn't a trap?
      Oliver: No.
      Felicity: I'm just saying, if you guys don't come back alive, I'm going to be really pissed.

    • Sebastian: As a young boy, I was plagued by nightmares. Every night, i would wake up in a cold sweat, frightened and alone. It was my father's face that haunted me. And this is how I saw him. The embodiment of desperation and despair. I made this mask to conquer my fears. And remind myself why I fight, every day, to give this city's most desperate a chance. All I ever wanted to do was help people, Oliver.

    • Felicity: Why does every secret formula have to be a color? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned clear?

    • Thea: I'll shoot you. I will.
      Malcolm: I can see it in your eyes. My eyes. they're just like mine. Both fo them filled with pain and anger, because those we loved were ripped from us. I lost my name, my wife... Tommy.
      Thea: Shut up!
      Malcolm: You're all I have left in this world, and you've lost everything, too. Thea. But you still have a father. You still have... (Thea shoots him)

  • NOTES (2)

    • In the comics, Monument Point is a large city near Washington DC. The Justice Society adopted it as a base of operations after defending it against the supervillain Scythe.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: May 7, 2014 on CTV
      UK: May 15, 2014 on Sky1
      Norway: June 10, 2014 on TV2 Zebra
      New Zealand: July 10, 2014 on 2
      Finland: August 7, 2014 on Sub