Season 1 Episode 17

The Huntress Returns

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • Love the Huntress!

    The Huntress adds a lot to the show in the few episodes we have had her, so I hope we do see our Huntress again. I loved the storyline, and I wanted her to get her revenge - I think she deserves it.

    The story with the Lances is also really intriguing - I want to know more! I hope that story is the main focus next week.

    And Thea's little trip back to find Roy Harper was interesting - I like that storyline too and I' m keen to see where it goes.

    Not a great deal of time spent with Tommy after the revelation of last week - I expected a bit more there. But all up, a phenomenal episode!
  • Stop torturing the audiences!

    WTH! It's bad to write to make Arrow like playing God, but actually vulnerable, the character is written with flaws, I feel terribly for especially this episode's writer who made the hero a big J in front of the audiences, how can he let the Huntress live if she has turned into an insane murderer, and would rather let his love ones keep getting hurt??? we were just given bad feelings towards the hero and stop watching eventually, not to say buying DVD!!! Don't be carried away with false supporting reviews, write scripts that make senses, please!!!!!!
  • More Huntress

    I thought this should have been a two part episode. The huntress is a great counterpoint to Arrow, but the story kinda got dropped. It is really hard to believe that Helena would just give up her obsession and just leave town. She certainly has more leverage knowing Oliver's secret, so she did not really have to threaten anyone near him to get what she wanted. And it is true, if she is such a threat, why let her get away.

    What was Helena thinking! Why would she jeopardize her relationship with the Arrow. She lost one good man, time to move on. Oliver Queen is a fox and no mistaking. This episode was the first one that I have ever felt that two characters were equally matched. The fight scene outside the safe house was amazing. It was good that the writers gave Helena such a strong determination, her character is a formidible adversary.
  • The Huntress Returns

    The Huntress Returns was an awesome episode of Arrow. I really enjoyed watching because the character growth and plot development was intriguing and I was in suspense throughout the episode. Oliver comes face to face with Helena and is forced to take action. Helena really stirred things up and proved to be a formidable threat to Oliver's secret. I loved all the character conflicts these situations caused. I liked how Thea tried helping a troubled guy. The guest cast continues to surprise. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Fire the writers

    Jesus this is a great show but if Oliver cant pull his head out of his but and put Helena down then he deserves what ever he gets. She is a threat to him and his family. She needs to die!!!! Kill her or be dammed. The numbers are dropping for this show stay this coarse and say hello to a canceled season.
  • A Crazy Ex Returns!

    I really felt for Oliver in this episode, not only did The Huntress, royally mess with his life she SPOILER;, got his girlfriend shot and in consequence said girlfriend broke up with him, poor Olie I hope he can bounce back, I hate seeing him so sad, still this episode was pretty stellar!

    I really hope we see Helena again soon her and Oliver's dynamic is really intriguing.

    Also the mystery behind Laurel's sister's maybe not dead status abounds full force in this episode, I hope we learn more about that soon because it seems really awesome.

    I'm still not sure how I feel about Thea''s relationship with Roy Harper (AKA Glades Purse Snatcher), but he's cute so I'll let it slide.

    It was super cool seeing more Island flashbacks, it seems that we are getting closer and closer to seeing just how Oliver escaped the Island!

    I loved seeing Felicity back her geeky humor and tech smarts is always appreciated

    Watching Oliver and Tommy reach a somewhat understanding in their relationship was really nice as well

    I can't wait for next week to find out what happens!