Season 1 Episode 21

The Undertaking

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 01, 2013 on The CW

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  • Spectacular.

    Major developments aplenty - as you might have guessed just from the episode title realy - and The Undertaking certainly didn't disappoint.

    Major developments on the Walter front which was highly interesting and something we've been waiting for a long time.

    I loved Felicity's little stint undercover - that was loads of fun and it was nicely executed. Definitely an enjoyable series of events there.

    Still not too keen on Diggle's vendetta because they almost killed Helena who was trying to do the same thing, but when Diggle is doing the same plan of revenge, all of a sudden it's all good. Doesn't work that way...

    And I have to agree with one of the previous reviewers in that Frank's role in the Undertaking and the whole Queen's Gambit ordeal is rather dubious. I hope we get that cleared up, although it's unlikely since he's dead...

    Looking forward to the final two episodes of the season - this was almost perfect!
  • Felicity always knows what to say!

    I love Felicity's quirky-humor she has. Especially when she is around Oliver. "It feels really good to have you inside Couldn't stop laughing when she said that!!! The friendship/partnership between her and Oliver never fails to entertain.
  • another Batman?

    We don't need another Batman
  • A couple of strands...

    By my relatively high score you can tell that I liked the episode a lot.

    In the main the characterizations and plots are pretty well done...

    What conerns me was Frank Chen being a Malcolm partner on the killing of Robert and yet he teamed up with Moira to off Malcolm... and I really still don't get the "Tommy" thing - he seems a bit immature and frankly, Laurel is better off without him.

    On the plus side, Felicity, as a character is getting great development - she's both sassy and smart. Oliver is really lucky to have both her and Diggle.

    The program is really enjoyable and as a series well worth a second season - hope the finale lives up to the promise.
  • The Undertaking

    The Undertaking was an excellent eepisode of Arrow. There was a lot going on with various characters and the stories intersected or overlayed with past events. It was awesome to finally learn more about The Undertaking. Oliver discovered more about his mothers invoIvement and he found someone important. The action was great but the relationship drama between the characters was even more captivating. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • The Plan is Finally Revealed!

    Whoa this episode was awesome!

    I loved seeing the flashbacks to when Oliver was semi-normal, and it was great to see his father back albeit if it was only in a flashback. Also to see the sweet and sexy romance of Oliver and Laurel was really great as well.

    To see how the Undertaking was 'born' was pretty awesome Malcolm Merlyn is a pretty radical man he is so not giving up on the plan it seems.

    Watching Felicity go undercover was really cool and seeing her try and fail to reconcile Diggle & Oliver was another highlight for me!

    Ultimately knowing what happened to Walter was really fantastic as well!

    I cannot wait 4 the next two episodes I am crazy excited to see how Season 1 ends!
  • Felicity is too hot

    The thing is that they miscast Felicity. She is too hot. Not only is she beautiful, but she is really smart, talented, and has a quirky sense of humor. I would think Oliver would be forgetting all about Laurel after seeing Felicity in that hot red gown.
  • My first review of Arrow episode because it was so good

    I haven't written any Arrow reviews yet even though I've been watching and enjoying the show but this episode may have been about the best yet. It was great to see Oliver helping his family while at the same time seeing how his mom is so two faced. Felicity really came into her own in this episode and I have wondered for a while how she will play out in the long run. This episode didn't exactly reveal their plans for her beyond helping Oliver. Malcolm's plan to destroy the Glades is explained with great background sequences as well and of course his plans are rapidly approaching fruition. And also Walter's rescue after it appeared there would be no need for a rescue early in the episode. Finally we see how Oliver still has deep feelings for Dinah and Tommy knows about them as well. Lots of questions being answered but still a ways to go to get the total picture.
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