Season 2 Episode 9

Three Ghosts

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2013 on The CW
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After a battle with Cyrus Gold, Oliver is poisoned and left for dead, and Felicity gives him an antidote that causes hallucinations of his past. Meanwhile, Brother Blood captures Roy, Barry continues assisting Felicity, and Lance loses someone when he tries to run surveillance on Cyrus.

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  • I'm gonna confidently say that...

    "Three Ghosts", is the best Arrow episode to this very date. While "The Promise" almost hit that mark, it wasn't quite as emotionally resonant as this episode was. Beyond handful character drama all-around, we've got jaw-dropping twists, great action and fine performances. Initially when I was watching it, the episode was gearing towards an entertaining 8.5/10 score for me, but that scene with Tommy motivating Oliver to fight back... man, call me sentimental but I shouted and cheered for Ollie to beat Cyrus Gold. I'm not exaggerating, I literally shouted "YES" when Oliver killed Cyrus.

    Please, season 4, make an episode as good as this.

    Official and certified score: 9/10moreless
  • Glamorous.

    This was a top notch episode with a shocking revelation at the conclusion that just was quite simply jaw-dropping!

    A major revelation topped off with some amazing events - now Roy is injected with the mirakuru stuff which could mean just about anything!

    The story is coming along spectacularly, and the Flash scenes were great. Phenomenal and fun to watch!
  • So so

    Could of done without the ghost thing agree with some of the other reviews it slows it down the story ,although the serum thing its that something to do with bane. Not sure how they are going to fit in Archer seeing if he dead he comes back lot explaining to do no spoilers please still watching season 2

  • Too much too soon

    I found the whole ghost thing a little tiresome, but apart from that it was a good episode, I'd have liked to have seen the introduction of new super heros and villains happen a little slower, so many created in just one episode was too much too soon.
  • Another great episode!

    This show is just phenomenal. Finally, Roy's character getting a move on in the right direction with the "Super Powers", can't wait for him to join Team-Arrow and kick some super-Ass...
Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin

Barry Allen

Guest Star

Graham Shiels

Graham Shiels

Brother Cyrus Gold

Guest Star

Olivia Chang

Olivia Chang

Linda Parks

Guest Star

Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro

Sebastian Blood

Recurring Role

Celina Jade

Celina Jade


Recurring Role

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Bex Taylor-Klaus


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Diggle jumps into Oliver's car to escape Cyrus Gold and says "He picked me up like I was nothing." But Cyrus never picked Diggle up; he punched him and sent him flying across the room.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Oliver: Roy, this is going to hurt.
      Roy: My anger is dulling the pain.
      Sin: (hands him some booze) This will dull it better.

    • Oliver: You freaking psychopath!
      Ivo: History will make that judgment.

    • Laurel: I noticed on the drive up that your house wasn't festooned with Christmas decorations.
      Oliver: Well, we didn't feel very much like festooning this year.

    • Slade: The island didn't make you strong, kid. It revealed you to be weak.

    • Tommy: You didn't let me die, Ollie. You fought to save me. Because that's what you do. What you have always done. You fight to survive. I know I called you a murderer, but you are not. You are a hero. You beat the island. You beat my father. So fight, Oliver. Get up and fight back.

    • Sebastian: You know who he is under that hood, don't you?
      Slade: I know exactly who he is. He's my friend.
      Sebastian: That's why you don't want him dead.
      Slade: Death would be a release from this life, and his sentence is yet to be carried out. I am going to tear everything he cares about away from him. Destroy those who choose to follow him. Corrupt those he loves. Once he has lost everyone and everything he values... I will drive an arrow through his eye.

    • Oliver: But we... we have other problems.
      Diggle: Wouldn't be us if we didn't.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Felicity: Are you sure this wasn't Fantasy Island?
      Referencing the ABC television series that ran from 1978 to 1984. Each week the enigmatic Mr. Roarke welcomed several guests to his secluded tropical island and granted each of them their fondest desire. Their fantasy would inevitably spin off in some unanticipated direction and they would learn a valuable moral lesson.