Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 2014 on The CW
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Bronze Tiger escapes from prison and goes after a prototype of Malcolm's earthquake machine. Meanwhile, Roy refuses to train with Arrow unless the vigilante reveals his true identity, Laurel is disbarred, and Thea tries to get Walter and Moira to reconcile.

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  • Stupid storyline

    Roy is probably the last person to trust with the secret, especially in his current state of mind. I'm getting tired of the Laurel storyline, also the most stupid storyline ever is Ollie's mom running for mayor of the city she destroyed. Where are all her voters going to come from? she couldn't even get guests to attend her Christmas party
  • Simply the Best

    Katie Cassidy never fails to give her character such life. She is an amazing actress and holds the show together. I'd like to see her as the black canary though, seems like the next step.
  • What an embarassing episode...

    The way they've written in Roy's state of mind is so predictable and overused as to be ridiculous. It was one of those moments where you just cringe in sympathy for the shame the writers must have felt after watching the actual episode itself.

    Really guys. Time for some thinking on the writing staff.
  • Suicide Squad in the making

    Okay, so this show knows how to abuse the wonderful universe that is DC and my oh my am I psyched to see what the remaining episodes of season 2 has to offer. The only dislike I hold atm (apart from the obvious disaster that is Laurel) is the fact that Roy is super strong, since in the comics he uses a bow and arrows (later guns, but that's another story) and so I don't see the point with that if he's going to be this powerhouse, if they do want to make that his thing ofc.

    Seeing Amanda Waller felt great and hey Bronze Tiger would make for an excellent edition in the Suicide Squad. I presume Deadshot has already been invited and maybe Malcolm Merlyn now that he's in exile, Huntress probably as well or they might be recruited at one point, in either case I'm super pumped and this is the weekly show that I look forward to the most (that says a lot since my list is pretty vast)!moreless
  • Finally!!!

    Now we are talking! Queen and Harper, finally, the start of a team. This wasn't a bad show at all.. You gotta geek a little at so many things going on. Ok, Mom Queen running for office, kinda felt forced, they should have played that a lil' better and stretch it across 2 shows. But the rest? Cool.. Amanda Waller, Black Canary, Bronze Tiger, the 'squad'.. AKA the suicide squad. Man, that would be a cool spin-off it if happened. So we know Queen put 'the' arrow into Slade's eye.

    Guess now it's just a matter of when we do get to see it in action. Kinda surprised that with all these healing powers, the eye doesn't regenerate, but hey, guess there's gotta be some limits uh? :)

    Team 'Arrow'... That was funny too!

    Anyways, wish they were 52 episodes a year.. No?

    By the way, "Tremors" was a real apt title, in more ways than the threat from Malcolm's prototype...moreless
Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea

Mark Francis

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James Kidnie

James Kidnie

Milo Armitage

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Woody Jeffreys

Woody Jeffreys

Prison Guard

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Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz

Black Canary

Recurring Role

Colin Salmon

Colin Salmon

Walter Steele

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Annie Ilonzeh

Annie Ilonzeh


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    • Roy: You know, I slapped water out of a bowl yesterday. And I slapped water out of a bowl the day before.
      Arrow: You must be getting pretty good at it.
      Roy: Yeah, well, I can't wait to get attacked by a dog dish.

    • Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
      Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
      Oliver: Pride

    • Felicity: Iron Heights just put out a bulletin on Bronze Tiger, aka Ben Turner, BTW is a terrible nickname because tigers are not bronze.

    • Felicity: (to Oliver) When I found out who you really were, I processed my way through a pint of mint chip. I stress eat.

    • Roy: Is this the part where you kill me 'cause I know your secret?
      Oliver: Do you actually think I'd actually kill my sister's boyfriend?
      Roy: Well, you did shoot in me in the leg. Forgiven, by the way.
      Oliver: Thea. She can never know.
      Roy: I get the feeling that if I did tell her, that would be when you kill me.
      Oliver: Trust that instinct.

    • Roy: Does this group have a name? Like Team Arrow, or something?
      Oliver: We don't call ourselves that.
      Felicity: I do. Occasionally.
      Oliver: Stop.
      Diggle: Whatever.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: March 6, 2014 on Sky1
      Portugal: March 16, 2014 on RTP
      Norway: April 1, 2014 on TV2 Zebra
      Denmark: April 17, 2014 on Kanal 5
      New Zealand: May 1, 2014 on 2
      Finland: May 29, 2014 on Sub

    • In the comics, Amanda Waller is the head of the Suicide Squad, a group of villains and borderline heroes who work for the government on suicide missions. The villains receive reduced time in prison in return for their work. Among the group's members are Deadshot and Bronze Tiger.

    • In the comics, Milo Armitage is an arms dealer and the husband of Sandra Hawke, who is the mother of Connor Hawke, the son of Green Arrow.