Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • I love Helena!

    I absolutely loved the character of Helena over the last two episodes and I hope we contiue to enjoy her presence on the show - looks like she's off, but hoepfully she will ba back - she added a lot to Oliver's character and to the storyline as a whole, which was really good.

    The show moved along nicely today, although the rest of the Queen family were relatviely nonexistent. Nonehteless, the show is moving along well and I'm looking forward to next week!
  • Daddy issues galore.

    There are quite a few nice touches splashed across this episode. Unfortunately they can't make up for the rather meandering conclusion to Huntresses 2-part arc, a disappointing hour that never manages to find the time to dig deeper.

    Offering up superficial, philosophical musings on the difference between revenge and justice, as well dialogue so high in cholesterol, the term ''cheesy' is a gross understatement (''you're on your own island''), any opportunity to develop the budding relationship between Ollie and Helena is squandered by emotional gymnastics best left for shows like 90210 and very poor line-delivery.

    I also had to chuckle at the way Oliver reacted when Helena dumped him (and rightfully so) for his Bruce Wayne-esq awkward dinner scene; he immediately raced back to his therapist, Digs, to report the killer instinct in her eyes (I guess you had to look really really close to understand what he meant, as I found this version of Huntress about as intimidating as a dead fish).

    A two-part episode that easily could have been condensed into a more tightly plotted stand-alone eppy, Arrow continues to modernise and overly dramatise, in equal measure, each new DC guest hero that it throws at us. I absolutely appreciate the effort made here (especially with such a notable DC character), but it's difficult not to imagine just how cool the character could have been with better casting and slicker writing
  • Vendetta

    Vendetta was a superb episode of Arrow. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and full of action. The drama was interesting and the character development was outstanding. I liked the second half of the episode best and it felt like a classic first season episode of what's to be an amazing series. I liked how Oliver tried to help Helena who became the Huntress. Walter returns and makes a few new discoveries. It was also great to see Tommy come to Oliver in the end to tell him what was happening in his life. The action was amazing and who knows what the future holds with Helena out there still feeling unsatisfied with how events unfolded. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Vendetta

    This was part 2 of last weeks episode and it was even better. The show keeps on getting better and better with more mysteries and questions and promising to solve them. I love Felicity and she reminds me of Chloe on Smallville and i wish she get to work with Oliver and be on his team sometime in the near future. I also saw some Chemistry between Oliver and Laurel this episode and i got how Helena and Tommy felt that, if me the viewer felt it how would someone sitting beside them not feel the heat. I think they bother still love each other but want to get over each other each for their own reasons. The episode was more action pack and had less Thea which is good and kinda bad as i love her character but somehow the less we get to see her the more we love er which is kinda good for the show. It is good that Helena didn't die as we might get to see her intract with Oliver again but when she does she will be stronger. I would like to see an episode where she tries to break into the prison and kill her father i think it would be interesting. 10/10 this show keeps on getting better and better for now.
  • Arrow rises.

    After last week's semi-debacle, Arrow is back to business. While I did get my wish of Oliver giving Helena her trademark crossbow, I also saw my worst fears come to light when the vigilante duo was ruined due to ''romantic issues' (although Helena's mental/emotional stability also had a tad bit to do with it). I'm actually glad how the character is developing though, and not just because she looks amazing in purple. For the most part, she's unstable, irrational and has major daddy issues, but despite this dubious beginning, she shows promise of becoming a stable, justice-seeking vigilante-hero. And it will be fun to see what she does on the journey to that transformation.

    It was refreshing to see more screen time given to Tommy and Oliver's relationship, the couple honestly hasn't had a decent conversation since the Pilot, and this long-awaited heart to heart, though brief, was greatly appreciated. Yet, while Oliver may be a good friend to Tommy, he clearly forgot the age-old adage, 'bros before... morally dubious females", so it's a good thing Diggle's the forgiving type.

    Finally, though it irks me to, I have to admit that Laurel and Tommy did look a little cute together in this episode (only a little).

    And now for side notes: just one single seen with Thea? And strangely I'm not disturbed by that. I like Thea tolerably well but Felicity Smoak is steadily rising in my estimation (they have got to give that girl more airtime).

    Overall, a better production than last week's, yet I'm still torn on whether the 'you have failed this city' mantra sounds better coming from Huntress or Green Arrow.
  • Vendetta

    This episode followed up where the last one ended; it was a continuation, not a stand-alone. So, we get to see Helena and Oliver's relationship develop even more. I could finally see the difference between Helena and Oliver and why Oliver keeps criticizing Helena. Oliver has changed. Diggle pointed it out and I finally understood. As the series began Oliver behave like Helena, but now he has changed, he is more focused on bringing real justice. Helena had the opportunity to bring justice to her father, instead she wanted vengeance.

    Besides Helena's vendetta and her relationship with Oliver, the other major event in this episode was Walter digging in his wife's business. He found another book/notebook just like the one Oliver has with the lists of names. The one Walter found had, also, a list of names written in invisible ink. This book also has a weird symbol on the inside of its cover; many intertwined lines that look like many city streets looked from above. I'm not sure where this is going. Maybe every person in the organization has a book like this. I remember in the second episode, when Moira was inside a limousine with an unknown person who had a book with the same symbol. Maybe that is the third book. Or maybe Walter will see the names and connect them with Arrow's attacks.

    Overall this episode wasn't as great as previous ones.
  • A Arrow Vendetta!

    I loved this episode, it was nice to see Oliver try and develop a relationship with Helena I totally understood why it ultimately didn't work out, it was very sad to see but I understood it.

    His 'training' her was really cool I thought the special effects was really nice as well.

    Oliver's continuing friendship with Diggle was really great to see.

    I'm anxious to see how the rest of the Season plays out!
  • arrow

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