Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • Arrow rises.

    After last week's semi-debacle, Arrow is back to business. While I did get my wish of Oliver giving Helena her trademark crossbow, I also saw my worst fears come to light when the vigilante duo was ruined due to ''romantic issues' (although Helena's mental/emotional stability also had a tad bit to do with it). I'm actually glad how the character is developing though, and not just because she looks amazing in purple. For the most part, she's unstable, irrational and has major daddy issues, but despite this dubious beginning, she shows promise of becoming a stable, justice-seeking vigilante-hero. And it will be fun to see what she does on the journey to that transformation.

    It was refreshing to see more screen time given to Tommy and Oliver's relationship, the couple honestly hasn't had a decent conversation since the Pilot, and this long-awaited heart to heart, though brief, was greatly appreciated. Yet, while Oliver may be a good friend to Tommy, he clearly forgot the age-old adage, 'bros before... morally dubious females", so it's a good thing Diggle's the forgiving type.

    Finally, though it irks me to, I have to admit that Laurel and Tommy did look a little cute together in this episode (only a little).

    And now for side notes: just one single seen with Thea? And strangely I'm not disturbed by that. I like Thea tolerably well but Felicity Smoak is steadily rising in my estimation (they have got to give that girl more airtime).

    Overall, a better production than last week's, yet I'm still torn on whether the 'you have failed this city' mantra sounds better coming from Huntress or Green Arrow.