Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2012 on The CW

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  • Daddy issues galore.

    There are quite a few nice touches splashed across this episode. Unfortunately they can't make up for the rather meandering conclusion to Huntresses 2-part arc, a disappointing hour that never manages to find the time to dig deeper.

    Offering up superficial, philosophical musings on the difference between revenge and justice, as well dialogue so high in cholesterol, the term ''cheesy' is a gross understatement (''you're on your own island''), any opportunity to develop the budding relationship between Ollie and Helena is squandered by emotional gymnastics best left for shows like 90210 and very poor line-delivery.

    I also had to chuckle at the way Oliver reacted when Helena dumped him (and rightfully so) for his Bruce Wayne-esq awkward dinner scene; he immediately raced back to his therapist, Digs, to report the killer instinct in her eyes (I guess you had to look really really close to understand what he meant, as I found this version of Huntress about as intimidating as a dead fish).

    A two-part episode that easily could have been condensed into a more tightly plotted stand-alone eppy, Arrow continues to modernise and overly dramatise, in equal measure, each new DC guest hero that it throws at us. I absolutely appreciate the effort made here (especially with such a notable DC character), but it's difficult not to imagine just how cool the character could have been with better casting and slicker writing