Season 1 Episode 9

Year's End

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2012 on The CW

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  • Picking up the pace!

    This was a great episode and the one in which the most stuff happened.

    The last few minutes were definitely the most interesting and I don't wanna spoil anything because it was a terrific series of events, but I enjoyed the rest of the episode as well.

    The hunt for a new adversary was very intriguing and there were some exceptional moments throughout.

    Looking forward to more!
  • Year's End

    Year's End was a fascinating and very entertaining episode of arrow. I really enjoyed watching because there were lots of flashbacks of Oliver on the island giving small clues perhaps to what is happening in the present. There was a lot of action drama and intrigue as the various characters dealt with their own issues. The fight scenes were awesome and I loved how challenging this new Dark Archer is for Oliver. The Dark Arrows identity is somewhat revealed and there are some interesting connections to him. I Lake tell everything played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • A big 10 in all!!!

    I love this show! The twist and turns and the crazy action, what more can u ask for! Not to mention all the hotties in this show, lol!
  • Year's End

    Arrow's first mid-season finale and they did it rite. The episode had many reveal and cliffhangers that keeps you wanting more. The Dark Archer was revealed (not gonna say who it's too good to just say it you have to watch it). Loved the dynamic with Arrow and Laurels father. Digs reminded me a lot of Alfred but a younger and stronger version of him when Oliver wanted his help. The last scene with Oliver in the hospital got me all excited and reminded me a little of TDKR. Can't wait till January 16 comes with an all new episode. Until then bye.
  • Oliver Queen, you have failed this city.

    Well this mid-season finale was pathetically unexceptional... that is until the last fifteen minutes. While the flashbacks (which have been missing for some time) suggested that we were in for quite the event, the actual content of the first forty or so minutes didn't deliver. The hunt for the copycat wasn't as thrilling as it ought to have been due to the large amount of time devoted to personal issues. One minute we're with the cops at a bloody crime scene, the next we're with Thea and Oliver talking about Christmas. I see the need for both sides of the coin, but instead of trying to balance it 50/50, the writers should have devoted more time to the mysterious copycat which would have made a more interesting story.

    That being said, the stunt choreographer saved the episode from desolation with another thrilling fight sequence between Deathstroke the Terminator and Yao Fei. As always, Deathstroke makes everything better. Similarly, the fight between Oliver and Merlyn (no, Tommy is not the legendary archer but who knows what he'll become) in which Oliver got his arrows handed to him, brought a level of excitement that was missing in the episode's first half.

    Still, the copycat's reveal was not as epic as it could have been due to the same reasons stated above. For most of the episode, due to the influence of flashbacks, I figured it was Yao Fei who had come to Starling City to test Oliver. When that was clearly not the case, I suspected Deathstroke - again under the influence of flashbacks. By the time the dark archer was revealed and it turned out to be Merlyn, it really didn't matter much to me. It could have been anyone at that point; the episode was still largely a waste.

    It looks like the second half of the season might be set six months into the future, that would be an interesting shakeup. A lot can happen is six months, it can either be and excellent development or the writers can botch it and undo everything they've achieved in the last nine episodes. I am looking forward to seeing what happens when the show returns. So I guess the mid-season finale did accomplish what is was supposed to - it's left fans wanting more.
  • Excellent show!

    I absolutely love this show. It's managing to be dark without going the "nothing can ever be good" route. There's hope in this story. The way the show is filmed, the music and the whole atmosphere is spot on. I cannot wait to own this on Blu-Ray eventually. Having to do without an episode until January though is a killer! By the way, Willa Holland is absolutely gorgeous and she must stay in the show forever or I'll stop watching... hear that CW? Those are my terms!! ; p

    This episode in particular had a well-paced story with plenty of action but Oliver is still attempting to bridge the gaps between his new "Arrow" side and the old Oliver people knew, or even an Oliver that he pretends to be now. It's a hard balance it seems. Seeing Oliver rely on Diggle was good as I couldn't imagine him doing this all on his own.


    I'm sensing a Norman/Harry Osborne "Green Goblin" thing (see the first Spider-man movie for reference) coming with Malcolm/Tommy as we know Tommy's only role is to become the real Merlyn. That's very obvious and they are playing the "Lex & Clark" friendship with the woman inbetween game as well. I look forward to seeing how they do this without it being as naff as Spider-man.
  • Superb mid-season finale!

    This was a Superb mid-season finale!

    The hostage situation reminded me of The Dark Knight, when The Joker held those hostages and demanded the same thing of Batman. An enemy as arrived and the story got thicker... AWESOME!!!

    Who knew that Malcom was an archer... and a better one than Oliver as well... I kinda like that... he's like a King that actually stands on the battlefield.

    So how long are they going to make us wait until we see Oliver and Laurel together again?

    From that tender kiss Oliver gave her... you could see how she had hoped it was on her lips and not the cheek... she still has feelings for him. I don't know but I don't trust Tommy... he has this look...

    So now onto Moira's case... just what kind of a deal was that anyway... are they planning on detaining Walter for six months? Until their plan comes to fruition?
  • A Yuletide Arrow!

    Wow this mid-season finale was great!

    I loved how it really depended the characters and their relationships to each other.

    I adored all of the Queen family interactions and the flashbacks to the island were really great as well.

    Seeing more the the 'list's' ramifications for the Queen's and Oliver was really amazing to watch.

    The new 'villain' was really cool and very unsuspecting!

    I'm super excited to see the 2nd half of this amazing season!
  • Best Episode Yet

    An awesome episode, with Merlyn the Archer , as well as an explanation to Deathstroke, the other archer, reveals as to Moira's involvement in Robert's death, hints at the list's true nature.