Season 1 Episode 9

Year's End

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2012 on The CW



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    • Diggle: Maybe you can give the list a rest and just enjoy the holidays with your family. Besides, I hear St. Nick has a list of his own. I wager you're in the "nice" column. Go home, Oliver.

    • Oliver: I think the vigilante needs a better code name than "The Hood." Or "The Hood Guy."
      Malcolm: I agree. How about "Green Arrow"?
      Oliver: Lame.

    • Felicity: Did you know seven of the names on the list are guys that the vigilante has in his cross-hairs? That is, if bows had cross-hairs. Which they don't.

    • Oliver: How do you know that Shane guy?
      Thea: We rob banks and smoke crack together.
      Oliver: That's funny, yeah. I have a feeling I'm not gonna be a fan.

    • Oliver: Felicity... you're remarkable.
      Felicity: Thank you for remarking on it.

    • Tommy: Merry Christmas, sir. How are you?
      Quentin: Proficient with firearms.

    • Laurel: Tommy, do you mind if I talk to Oliver for a minute?
      Tommy: Yeah, I'll go grab us a couple of drinks. And drink them both.

    • Thea: You bailed on your party.
      Oliver: It seemed like the right move. I mean, like you said, it... wasn't the best timing.
      Thea: Okay, but when I was saying that, that was me being a bitch.

    • Moira: And you won't feel a thing then, will you? Thousands of innocent people wlll be dead, and you'll feel nothing.
      Malcolm: That's not true. I'll feel a sense of accomplishment.

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