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  • A great show for kids to learn and be creative.

    When I was a kid, I would watch Art Attack almost everyday. I would usually try to follow along with whatever art project Neil was making. Although it wouldn't turn out as good as he made his, but I had a good time. It was fun and you can really learn a lot from watching Art Attack. To be honest I still watch an episode of it, here and there. It's really fun to watch and Neil is very creative. I think that Art Attack is a very good TV show for kids. It gives kids an enjoyable and creative activity to do.
  • I loved this show!

    Another show for kids, but I don't mind! I loved watching this show. The host (whatever his name is :D) is really cool and creative and innovative. SOme of his creations, I used during some of my projects back then. His ideas are just awesome. And the best thing about it is that you can use old materials to create beautiful things! This way we can make the most of our wastes and perhaps help the earth! I also love his drawing at the ends of the show wherein he creates a huge piece of art! I wonder how he thinks of those! Truly amazing!
  • my review

    Well I don't really like this show, but i think it's educational. This show is really informative for kids that have a great interest in art. It teaches you to draw and how to use water color better. If you like water color u really can't miss this show. Though i think this show is kinda boring, unless like i say you love art, wants to be an artist, is an artist and have nothing else to do. Well i'm not being mean but it is true. The reason i gave it 6.5 is because i think it is educational, interesting, no.
  • Art Attack may be the first major emulator to new artists or, at least, provide moments of healthy entertainment.

    Writing material for children is hard stuff. Kids are harsh critics and will solemly change the channel whenever the show isn't appealing. Art Attack is an open door to creativity. The images are clear, details are shown with precision, every art piece work is shown step by step, and then the kid has a chance to review the process. My grandsons are simply attached to Art Attack and often my son's house adds new features by the kids, drawings, sculptures, dioramas and cut-outs. The idea of the program is simple and brilliant. In Brazil, Art Attack is an everyday presentation, Disney Channel, and it's a shame not all kids can watch it.
  • great art idea's and tips!

    great art idea's and tips!if you enjoy doing art in your spare time then this is definetly the show for tells you handy hints that you can use in your art that nobody else knows,because it's not basic stuff,so you can have your piece of art unique.this show also shows you not just basic untinsels like paper but also things like cardboard and old peices around the has great ideas of how to make stuff like in onee of the episodes he made a city with old garbage(clean of course)it's made for kids so don't get the wrong impression,like he does things like octupus wall picture hangers and halloween spooky things and more.the show explains how to do things really well aswell like they go over it in easy steps so you don't nessercerily need pen and paper to write it all can send stuff into the show that you've done and he also does big art attacks with normal objects that you find around a certain place,the guys really good you gotta hand it to him!it definetly incourages you to do some art and get creative!not many shows are like this so i think it's underatted!they show art in a fun way so you don't just have to sit there and listen to boring steps!i'm not even into art i hav'nt really ever done anything to do with art but i still watch it because it's interesting.this show should definetly be on more!alot more!
  • good show if you like art.

    good show if you like has heaps of good ideas that you wouldn't usually think of.sometimes they have themes too,like the halloween one.but if you do watch this you should always have a pen and paper near you,it's so complicated it's hard to remember.and it shows you step by step afterwoods incase you missed anything which is good.he also does big art attacks in the show which is interesting cos you don't know what it is untill his finished.he's really good too.his art projects are great to do on a rainy day.theres not many shows like this one i think it's underpreciated because of that reason.
  • Art Attack

    I used to enjoy this show a lot when I was younger but it got boring after a while because the designs that the idiot oops I mean Neil Buchanan sorry I was reading the djctna review anyway where was I oh yes looked simple to do which is hard to do in real life.
  • Well i dont know whats wrong with it.

    I used to watch this show sometimes when i watch childrens television. I do not think that there is anything wrong with it. It teaches kids to be creative and also to mess up the house abit. The only problem i think there is in the show is the way that Neil Buchanan (the presenter)makes everything look so easy. I remember when i tried to make some of the things on it once and its harder than it makes out to be. The show does get a bit repetative after a while and can drive you to insanity. However i think that it is a good show (in small doeses).
  • this show sucks

    how can people these days be so bored and watch art attack? its pathetic the only cool part of art attack is the mucic. the presenter which is neil bucannon looks like a complete idioit and i h8 the program . it sucks. please get rid of this show. its embarrising to young viewers.
  • a show that'll teach both adults and children the various ways of creating/beautifying things just by using the tools that are found around your house!

    i've learned so many designs in art attack! my personal favorite is the personalized frame.. i can't believe that i only have to use a couple of old newspapers, glue, tissue, cardboard and a few poster paints to create such a wonderful frame! neil, thanks for the tip! teach me more of those stuff, dude!