Art Attack

ITV (ended 2007)


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  • great art idea's and tips!

    great art idea's and tips!if you enjoy doing art in your spare time then this is definetly the show for tells you handy hints that you can use in your art that nobody else knows,because it's not basic stuff,so you can have your piece of art unique.this show also shows you not just basic untinsels like paper but also things like cardboard and old peices around the has great ideas of how to make stuff like in onee of the episodes he made a city with old garbage(clean of course)it's made for kids so don't get the wrong impression,like he does things like octupus wall picture hangers and halloween spooky things and more.the show explains how to do things really well aswell like they go over it in easy steps so you don't nessercerily need pen and paper to write it all can send stuff into the show that you've done and he also does big art attacks with normal objects that you find around a certain place,the guys really good you gotta hand it to him!it definetly incourages you to do some art and get creative!not many shows are like this so i think it's underatted!they show art in a fun way so you don't just have to sit there and listen to boring steps!i'm not even into art i hav'nt really ever done anything to do with art but i still watch it because it's interesting.this show should definetly be on more!alot more!