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Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World

ITV (ended 1980)



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Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World

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The world is full of mystery, and in 1980 Arthur C. Clarke set out to explore some of the greatest ones, and to search for truth. He used scientific methods, historical documents and logic to offer an opinion on the authenticity concerning claims of strange phenomena - from ancient legends or recent reports.
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  • Brilliant intense show, wished they made more of these type TV programs.

    This series was a long-time favorite of mine from childhood.

    My local TV channel ITV showed each episode in return and at my gullible age found the shows fasinating and a little scary

    Sir Arthur C. Clarke was a warm and intelligent presence in all 6 volumes of the series, even though he does not narrate the series or have much of a hand in it. A particular favorite scene of mine involving this esteemed scientist is in the episode entitled "The Journey Begins," wherein he views and describes the natural mystery of a solar eclipse. I highly recommend this series to those who are interested in the unexplained.

    Now available on DVD and shown on the paranormal channel on UK digital TV.moreless
  • Clarke investigates various strange claims from around the world. He brings his analytical sense to bear on each tale; offering an opinion as to its possibility and probability.

    I loved this series and the 2 subsequent ones that followed (Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers and Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe). It was an unusual show, as he didn't merely repeat legends, arcane reports and myths. He judged the stories as to their believability. Unlike most sensationalist shows that claim to be "objectively" probing, he wasn't afraid to mark a tale as unlikely, impossible or even a deliberate hoax. His authoritative, yet down-to-Earth manner lent him credibility along with his vast knowledge and inquisitive mind. The locales and subject matter changed every episode, with Clarke's home in Sri Lanka as the de facto base.moreless