Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World

ITV (ended 1980)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • U.F.O.'s
      Episode 10
      Right away Clarke removes any doubt as to his opinion of UFOs – he states that he has been interested for 50 years and claims to have observed at least six. He even goes on to say, sightings are very common. He does, however, reserve his opinions concerning them; revealing more and more of his ideas on the subject as the episode progressesmoreless
    • Out of the Blue
      Out of the Blue
      Episode 9
      Clarke devotes this episode to a story old as man: something falling to Earth from the sky. The cases vary and so do the possible solutions as to how and why strange or unlikely objects fall out of it. Some answers seem fairly simple while others defy easy analysis. Nevertheless the famed author displays a variety of cases and offers possible scenarios to explain the phenomena.moreless
    • The Riddle of the Stones
      Stonehenge. The place… its mere name inspires awe. These ancient stones are shrouded in a secret of time. Their purpose, their builders and the very source of the stones themselves are still subject to debate. Clarke invites us to hear the legends and theory concerning the famous site and the hundreds of others to be found across the British Isles.moreless
    • The Great Siberian Explosion
      This episode deals with a certainty: The cataclysmic Tunguska explosion of June 30, 1908. No one questions the fact that it occurred. Still to this day there is uncertainty as to the true nature of the incident and its possible implications concerning the expectations should such an event again take place. The subject is deeply discussed, reviewing all available information – and Clarke addresses the significance of the theories presented.moreless
    • Monsters of the Lakes
      Scotland's Loch Ness fills the screen and the viewers already know the subject – The monster of the lake, sometimes referred to as Nessy. Still Clarke informs us that at least 50 other lakes in the world are claimed to be likewise inhabited by such giant beasts. After considering the accounts and evidence, the question of believability concerning Loch Ness as well as the entire collection – he weighs the possibilities: Fact or hoax or merely mistaken identity.moreless
    • Giants For the Gods
      Mystifying geoglyphs, giant pictures covering large areas on the ground, appear across the globe, many created by ancient peoples. They only become recognizable at great distances or are situated away from the common sight of man. Some remind us that many civilizations held beliefs that dealt with ideas well beyond everyday life, while others concern rituals and legends. Many, because of scale, were obviously not meant for mere humans of Earth to see. This episode, containing stunning films, addresses the questions surrounding these images.moreless
    • The Missing Apeman
      Do scientifically unknown species of ape-like men (or perhaps human-like apes) live today? This episode discusses the evidence and offers witness testimony on Bigfoot and Yeti.
    • Ancient Wisdom
      Ancient Wisdom
      Episode 3
      Can we solve the mysteries surrounding claims of artifacts which apparently defy our view of the level technological development possible in ancient civilizations? Clarke dismisses theories involving extraterrestrials, and rather focuses on finding very Earthbound explanations.
    • Monsters of the Deep
      Clarke probes into the interesting and controversial realm of cryptozoology when he questions the validity of tales of sea serpents.
    • The Journey Begins
      This episode introduces the main theme and aim of the series, to delve into strange artifacts, notions and incidents. Investigated here: he views and describes the natural mystery of a solar eclipse. Historical, societal and scientific points of view are compared and contrasted.