Arthur of the Britons

Season 1 Episode 3

The Challenge

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1972 on ITV

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  • Arthur, Lud and Kai, are called on to sort out warring brothers. Arthur decides to teach them a lesson. Taking them on a long ride, Arthur and Kai start challenging each which escalates into a full out battle between the pair.

    I remember watching this episode as a teenager and being terrified by the realistic violence, it can't have been that bad I thought when I sat to watch the DVD after all it's a kid's programme from the 70's, phew! Was I wrong!
    It starts as lesson for two squabbling brothers, played by Ken Hutchison and Nicky Henson, becomes a road trip, then escalates to a grudge match between the two leads, which has a realistic quality, did Oliver Tobias and Michael Gothard not get on I wonder?
    They throw spears, duel on horseback, with swords and axes and end up wrestling and throttling each other in a muddy stream in a not even a bit homoerotic way. The obvious use of stuntmen in some of the other episodes is not present in these battles, which reek of testosterone. When I first watched this I was really torn about who I fancied more, blond Kai, or black haired Arthur, and I didn't want either of them to come to harm. Watching after several decades, I decided Kai was a bit of a dick in this episode and Arthur, (who has wonderful hair in a decade before Pantene) deserved to beat him down. (Kai gets his revenge later in an episode called 'The Slaves' where he whips Arthur to a bloody pulp, or as much as 70's kids TV would show)
    Lud just lets them hammer it out, obviously letting the message of sibling rivalry gone mad sink in to the amazed spectators, a sort of dark aged Jerry Springer.
    A Very Entertaining Episode!