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Arthur Read, the spectacular bespectacled aardvark stars in this children's series about growing up. Typical childhood problems such as bratty siblings, schoolyard bullies and classroom cliques are addressed by this popular program. Arthur's seventeenth season has come to a close. However, watch for repeats again soon on your local PBS station. And keep watching for more details on upcoming episodes of the program.

Developed from Marc Brown's beloved books, Arthur reminds us all of how it feels to be 8 years old. Just like your average kid, Arthur overcomes the dreaded obstacles of third-grade life, such as his tough teacher Mr. Ratburn, bullies, and mountains of homework. At home, Arthur must face the pint- terror also known as his sister Dora Winifred, or D.W. for short. Everything between these two is a struggle; who gets control of the television remote, who can play their Crazy Bus CD, whose hobbies are dumber, that's a baby show...Will Arthur ever win one of these pointless arguments? Probably never, because not only is D.W. fiercely independent, she's also very smart. But despite it all, Arthur and D.W. are still brother and sister, and when they're not arguing, they can accomplish great things together.

Keeping Arthur sane are his helpful friends --- an assortment of colorful animal cohorts who always provide sound advice and a few laughs too. They are: Francine Frensky (a tomboy who would rather play sports than go to the mall), Buster Baxter (an enthusiastic gourmand), Alan "The Brain" Powers (a bona-fide 3rd grade genius, who even writes computer programs in his spare time), Muffy Crosswire (the rich girl with a real heart of gold), and Sue Ellen Armstrong (a traveler of the world and geography expert). Arthur can also sometimes be seen with Fern Walters (a soft-spoken musician with semi-hidden goth interests), Binky Barnes (acts like a bully, but enjoys pastimes such as ballet and clarinet), George Nordgren / Lundgren (a somewhat shy moose who be truly entertaining when he tries), Prunella (who was supposed psychic powers and is actually in the fourth grade) and Jenna Morgan (a rarely seen cat-girl.) And of course, who could forget Pal, Arthur's lovable, loyal pet pooch?

Arthur airs on PBS every weekday and on some stations on weekends --- check local listings for time. Or, go to the PBSKids' Arthur schedule to find out which episode is airing in a city near you.

A large number of Arthur stories have been released on DVD and video. Many episodes are also available in book form. There are also a wealth of Arthur-related promotions and products, so keep an eye on the news and check online merchants such as eBay and Amazon, and your local stores.

Theme Song

Every day when you're walkin' down the street,
Everybody that you meet, Has an original point of view...
- Chorus: And I say "Hey!" (Hey!) What a wonderful kind of day! (Day!)
If we can learn to work and play,(Play!) And get along with each other... -
You've got to listen to your heart, Listen to the beat, Listen to the rhythm, the rhythm on the street,
Open up your eyes, Open up your ears, Get together and make things better, By working together
It's a simple message, and it comes from the heart, Believe in (believe in yourself...) 'Cuz that's the Place to START!
- And I say "Hey!" (Hey!) What a wonderful kind of day! (Day!)
If we can learn to work and play (PLAY!), And get along with each other (Hey!)
What a wonderful kind of day Hey! What a wonderful kind of day...


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  • Hell will freeze over before I let the mortician pry this show from my cold, dead, wrinkly hands! He can have season 16-present, though.

    This show dominates my hard drive now (nearly 40 gigs for this gem) as I have every episode apart from "Arthur's Missing Pal" and season 16-present's no-plot flash trash eyesore, of which I've written a separate thorough review of. I also have the special episodes, too. Season 16 is the only gripe I have against this show as of now and the ONLY one I HATE. It has some GOOD episodes here and there like Last Tough Customer, Read and Flumbergast, and Night of the Tibble, but that bad animation is a poison pill to swallow and ruins their potential. I'll tell you now: I for one DIDN'T DONATE $1000 TO PBS SO THEY CAN LET THIS SHOW SLIP THROUGH THEIR HANDS AND FOR 9 STORY TO USE AS A CASH COW!! It's OUR money we donate for our entertainment they are receiving and that's the reality, and that crappy animation and all the other issues we are having with the new episodes is a waste of that money, no matter how much or little they spent. It's also a DAMN shame they ruined Artie's character and turned him into a total douche in the later episodes. I'll pass on season 16-present.

    WIth that aside...

    I grew up watching this gem since it came out in 1996, and I LOVED The Busy World of Richard Scarry before this when I had cable TV, and still love that animation masterpiece (NOT that "Hooray for Huckle" or "Busytown Mysteries" crap that came later, either!).

    I was a migrant worker who picked the orchards growing up and I moved to areas I couldn't get cable and had weak reception thanks to the mountains all around us in the boonies. Luckily, the strongest station was a PBS station and Artie was the next best thing to Richard Scarry and Franklin (and I couldn't have made a better choice). As I got older, I've come to cherish these gems even more along with Arthur (now that more of them have been cancelled or butchered with inappropriately used flash and CGI animation).

    There's something for the whole family, not just for the kids (and since when was it ever just a "kid's" show], and that's what sets it apart from other "kid's" shows! You know you have a GREAT "kids" show when kids can watch it and it doesn't drive older siblings and parents nuts. You know you have a GREAT "kid's" show when you catch older siblings and some adults sneak peaking it ;-) If I had kids of my own or had to babysit them, I wouldn't feel in any way shape or form like I'm watching this gem because "I'm stuck with the kids", and would be passing the season 15 down episodes to my kids from my hard drive long after it ever gets cancelled.

    LOL, I'd be asking THEM to play it and would be more than honored to watch it with them.

    Adults MAKE "kid's" shows, adults ACT in them, adults PRODUCE them, ADULTS are the biggest SUPPORTERS of them BAR-NONE.

    WHY is it an unpardonable sin for adults to ENJOY them??? Why the stigma??

    To all those "old" biddies out there who tell us to "grow up", who think we are "abnormal" or "mentally ill" or some other pejorative like that and are dismissive: EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT and get cancer!! You have sucked on one too many of life's lemons and have become sour (and bitter if you also include the peel). You're too "mature" for your own good and just plain snobbish and stuck up.

    That's all...moreless
  • I loved this show

    This show had good values, was funny, and educational. This show isn't just for kids, adults can watch it too. It went downhill starting with Season 15 and Season 16 is unwatchable now. The animation is awful and the plots are lazy written. This would get a 10 if it wasn't for Seasons 15 and 16.
  • Perfect for elementry school kids

    Ideal idea of a young peoples show. All I am saying.
  • It went downhill

    Arthur follows the life of a 3rd grader ardvark and his friends.

    Arthur used to be one of the most popular and best PBS kids show. It teaches kids moralistic values and offers advice and education and the show even has a fair amount of humor. The seasons 1-10 episodes were great, the seasons 11-15 episodes were pretty good. Season 16 is poor. The format changed to flash and the episode plots are getting weaker and weaker every episode. I know there are dome cartoons that pulled off flash greatly, but Arthur is the exception, it looks terrible in flash. It seems like everyone is relying on flash for cartoons nowadays. In my opinion, I only like the older episodes of Arthur better, but I'd watch the newest ones over Barney any day. Overall rating: 8.5/10. Season 1-10: 10/10 Season 11-15: 8.4. Season 16-present: 1.5/10moreless
  • What a Wonderful Kind of Show!

    Arthur is probably one of the classic shows anyone can remember! Great cast, great characters, great life lessons! It's amazing!

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