Season 7 Episode 4

Ants in Arthur's Pants / Don't Ask Muffy

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on PBS

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  • "Ants in Arthur's Pants" is Fun and Creative; Moral of "Don't Ask Muffy" Feels Hollow.

    "Ants in Arthur's Pants":

    I think this does a great job building up the emotions. The voice acting is great, as is usual with this show. Halfway through we get a pretty clever plot twist, which leads to a pretty satisfying ending.

    Some problems: I found it a bit of a dramatic disappointment that we don't get to see Arthur and Francine hand in the project. They set it up as if we will see the teacher's reaction to their efforts, but then we don't. I know DW can be bratty but I still think her behavior towards Arthur is a little too nasty. I could accept this in a show like "The Cramp Twins", but in a show that emphasizes morals it fells a little off.

    And a couple minor plot problems: Since the meatloaf attracted the ants, why didn't they get more meatloaf and trap all the ants? Someone says her project is ruined, but it looks intact to me; just get a new jar. Overall, however, it's very fun to see the way the characters reason and solve problems. 7.5/10 stars.

    "Don't Ask Muffy":

    It ended on a great moral, but it came across as hollow because Muffy hadn't been shown to need to be told that moral. I had only gotten to see her give one piece of advice, and it had simply been misinformed; I don't remember anything to indicate she had the problem described. Plus, I was confused about why Muffy dressed up as Molly.

    However, the ending was emotionally satisfying, with Muffy learning to focus on doing what she is good at, while patiently learning about what she wants to be good at. As with the above, the expressive voice acting helped made me care about the characters. 6/10 stars
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