Season 7 Episode 11

April 9th

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 29, 2002 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode has four storylines within it:

      Arthur almost lost his dad to the fire and now he's afraid something might happen to him when he leaves the house.

      Binky sees the fire when it happened and gets terrified, but won't admit it to anyone.

      Buster becomes good friends with Mr. Morris, the school janitor, who was injured during the fire.

      Sue Ellen is upset that her diary was burnt up in the fire and Muffy tries to cheer her up.

    • Sue Ellen's friends don't give her much support, except for Muffy, who thinks she can cheer up anyone by buying them something.

    • In this episode, April 9th was on a Friday, yet after the fire, Buster said "'tomorrow' we have to go to school at Mighty Mountain." That would be a Saturday they're going to school. Or it's likely that scene where Buster talks about going to school at Mighty Mountain took place the day after April 9th, but then that would mean they're going to school on a Sunday!

    • Arthur says Buster and Mr. Morris meet for the first time because of the fire, but there were other episodes in the past where Buster and Mr. Morris made contact with each other and knew who each other were.

  • Quotes

    • (Buster just learns that they evacuated Mighty Mountain Elementary due to a false fire alarm...)
      Buster: Aw, so I'm still the only one who hasn't been through a fire? What rotten luck!
      Arthur: Buster, that's GOOD luck.
      Francine: Not for the person who pulled the fire alarm!

    • Arthur: I had the worst nightmare last night.
      Buster: Did you have pepperoni right before bed? If I eat pepperoni after eight, I dream that penguins are after me.

    • Binky: I said I wasn't afraid. End of conversation. (takes Buster's ice cream and storms off)
      Buster: What's gotten into him? He usually just takes the top scoop.

    • Buster: I've kept a cupcake since first grade. Actually, it's just half a cupcake. I ate some of it last week. And you know what? The icing was still soft.

    • Arthur: Cake in class? We never had this before.
      Buster: I'm surprised he's not making us take a test on the ingredients. (to Mr. Ratburn) Can I have two slices? I like to give one to Mr. Morris.
      Mr. Ratburn: Mr. Morris isn't in today, Buster. In fact, he's not coming back.
      Buster: What?
      Mr. Ratburn: He's retiring. But you can have two slices anyway. It will save you the trip for seconds.

    • Mr. Read: Are you worried about me because of the fire? Do you know that when I was your age, Grandma Thora was in a car accident? She wasn't hurt. But for weeks afterwards, I was worried whenever she set foot in a car. Even when she just went to the store for a bottle of milk, I was afraid she would be in another car accident. While I was waiting for her to return, I'd shoot crumpled up balls of paper into the wastebasket and I told myself that if I made more baskets than I missed, she would come home safely. Ah, it seemed to work. Now, of course, I was a pretty good shot. Then one day I forgot to do it. She was gone for three hours and I didn't shoot one basket, and you know what happened?
      Arthur: What?
      Mr. Read: She came home just fine. It's my job to worry about you Arthur, not the other way around.

    • Arthur: Phew, he's home.
      Buster: Oh. You probably want to say hi to him. Well, good night.
      Arthur: (starts to put the phone down, then reconsiders) Wait, Buster. Why don't you play Clementine for me? (Buster does. The music continues into a scene with Sue Ellen, in her room.)
      Sue Ellen: (writing in her new journal) This Friday, it will be one month since April 9th. So much has happened since then. I never want to go through another fire, but I also never want to lose this feeling, that each day is special That my friends are the best friends in the world. And that if we stick together, we can make it through just about anything. (Sue Ellen closes the journal, which now features a picture of Bolivia that she recovered from her old journal and turns off the light.)

  • Notes

    • On December 19th, 2012, it was later re-aired again to help children cope with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy.

    • This episode was made in response to the September 11 attacks.

    • Final proper appearance of Mr. Morris, the school custodian. He will return, however, in the Postcards from Buster episode: "Alien Adventure (Roswell, New Mexico)".

    • The kids get temporarily moved to Mighty Mountain Elementary.

    • Buster receives from Mr. Morris, his accordion which he named 'Beatrice'. For those of you aware of "Arthur's" spin off series "Postcards From Buster", the 3rd episode's title is "Buster and Beatrice (San Antonio, TX)". In that episode, Buster is using the accordion named 'Beatrice'.

    • This episode contains some similarities to the story "D.W. All Fired Up": Fire safety is discussed; Binky is traumatized by the fire (D.W. got all nervous when she thought fire drills involved fire), a false fire alarm is sounded by Binky at Mighty Mountain (the fire drill at D.W.'s preschool was a false alarm, plus D.W. set off the smoke detectors late one night), the expression "Is it hot in here or is it just me/you" is reused, Arthur pretends to be sick so his father can stay home (D.W. pretended to be sick to avoid school), and Binky immediately got nervous seeing the fire (D.W. was nervous when she saw the fire on a barbecue grill.)

    • Word from us kids segment: a firefighter teaches us about what to do when there is a fire occuring in your home.

    • Add Cochabamba, Bolivia to the impossibly long list of places where Sue Ellen has lived.

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