Season 1 Episode 2

Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn / Arthur's Spelling Trubble

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 09, 1996 on PBS

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  • If I see this episode of Arthur one more time. I am going to explode!

    What a bad episode. Too much screaming. Does anyone know how long everyone screamed when they found out they got Mr. Ratburn?. The reason I don't like this episode, well, you guessed it, All the screaming. This is the only episode of Arthur that has the most screaming. Well, Later! Bye!
  • Mr. Ratburn

    Mr. Ratburn reminded me of my 2nd grade teacher. Uhg she was horrible. All the kids always said how horrible she was and how strict she was. So when I saw this ep were Arthur and all his friends find out they're in Mr. Ratburns class it brings back flashbacks of how horrible it was. This is a good ep. it relates to alot of kids who get stuck with bad teachers. The other part of this ep is about the Spelling bee. I didn't like this part just because I hate spelling. But I did think it was funny when D.W follows him around telling him to spell things.