Season 3 Episode 3

Arthur Goes Crosswire / Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurus

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 05, 1998 on PBS
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Arthur Goes Crosswire / Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurus
"Arthur Goes Crosswire"
Written by Chris Moore
Storyboard by Rick Rijgersberg and Jeremy O'Neil

Mr.Ratburn assigns partners for a project and Arthur gets teamed up with Muffy? After spending alot of time with her he starts to act just like her except he gets snotty with his friends so they change him back.

"Sue Ellen And The Brainasaurus"
Written by Ken Scarborough and Chris Moore
Storyboard by Robert Yap

Once again Mr.Ratburn assigns another partner project. This time Sue Ellen gets partnered up with Brain? Soon he starts to be a report hog and gets on Sue Ellen's nerves. Can she snap him to his senses to get this prehistoric project done with as a team?moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Jodie Resther

    Jodie Resther

    Francine Alice Frensky

    Arthur Holden

    Arthur Holden

    Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

    Michael Yarmush

    Michael Yarmush

    Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

    Sonja Ball

    Sonja Ball

    Janet Read

    Bruce Dinsmore

    Bruce Dinsmore

    David Read / Binky Barnes

    Danny Brochu

    Danny Brochu

    Buster Baxter

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In "Arthur Goes Crosswire," kids are already outside before the school bell rings. Most noticeably Muffy, who sitting in her limo.

        She was also on the phone with her father, meaning that she must have been out there a while if she had time to call her father and tell him about Mr. Ratburn's project.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • (The Brain has a fantasy where he is an adult scientist about to unleash his latest creation in an auditorium...)
        The Brain: Even back in elementary school when I was building my first model, I knew that with a little DNA and a lot of hard work, I would one day succeed. And now, ladies and gentlemen... it lives!
        (A living, growling Tyrannosaurus Rex rises from a platform. The audience gasps and begins to panic...)
        The Brain: Please! Ladies and gentlemen, I warn you, be calm! (the dinosaur, now in full view, grabs The Brain's microphone...)
        T-Rex: (in a Groucho Marx-esque voice) Hello hello hello, welcome to the show. So I tell ya, the strangest thing happened to me. Last night I discovered an elephant in my pajamas... How the elephant got in my pajamas, I'll never know.
        (The audience screams and clears the auditorium in a panic! Back to reality...)
        The Brain: Hmm... I have to work on his material.

      • Arthur: Then Wilbur told me, "Artie, those are swell glasses."

    • NOTES (1)

      • When Sue Ellen is trying to make a skull for the T-Rex model, she makes a Barney the Dinosaur head by mistake and then crushes it.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The title "Arthur Goes Crosswire" is a play on the saying 'going haywire,' which means someone is going crazy or things are out of control.