Season 1 Episode 7

Arthur Goes to Camp / Buster Makes the Grade

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 21, 1996 on PBS

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  • Arthur and his friends go to summer camp and experience spooky events. Buster must make a B on his test or he may fail the class.

    Overall, both of these episodes are just some of the examples of well written plots. Arthur and his friends go to camp and have some confrontations with a nearby camp. They soon have a competition against them to see who can get all of the items on a list. Arthur and his friends win and receive a trophy.
    Bust must get a B on the test to assure himself that he is moving to the next grade with the rest of his friends. He has visions of himself being an adult while still in the third grade. Luckily, Buster does get a B on the test and gets more confident of himself because he knows he is capable of it.