Season 7 Episode 1

Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 01, 2002 on PBS

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  • An Arthur episode that isn't ordinary

    Like "Arthur's Perfect Christmas" it gave it a feel that set it apart from the 11-minute? episodes. Nothing against those episodes, but if you don't like Arthur or whatnot, this is the episode for you. I didn't see this when it first aired or repeated, nor did I see it on DVD until recently. The term "boy band" may be out, but most of the material is relevant today. What can start as a thing not intended to be famous can get popular very quickly. Francince's protest music against famous singers ("U Stink") turned out to be a ticket to fame. It had some very great lessons at the end- the music is more important than the fame. Hopefully YouTube wannabees and "Idol" contestants auditioning saw this "Arthur" special.
  • Fern creates her own rock band.

    After the excitment of hearing the backstreet boys coming to town.Fran hates boyband.She thinks they stink.So she plan to make her own band something that wont make them popular.Her band was well known called "U Stink" which seemed to be popular.Muffy however is determined to meet Nick Carter.Who she has an crush on.When the night of the concert.Muffy makes an plan to be with Nick Carter.By pretending the elevator is stuck.She than noticed that Nick wasn't all interested in her ideas and stuff.When Fern band was the opening act for bsb.She begin to get nervous.But thankfully the bsb help her out.Fran begin to relized that they weren't so bad.Muffy begin to hate them till......Howie gave her stuff back.When she thinks that Howie is her destiny.

    An pretty good special.I liked this.
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