Season 3 Episode 7

Arthur Rides the Bandwagon / Dad's Dessert Dilemma

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 16, 1998 on PBS



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  • Quotes

    • Dad: (Lifting box off the cake) And here it is!
      Arthur: (Uncovering his eyes) W-what is it?
      Dad: Honey cake in the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Galileo...Italy...get it?
      Arthur: But I said I'd bring cookies, not a whole tower of pizza!
      Mom: (Whispering) Arthur!

    • Mr. Ratburn: Arthur, I thought I'd better bring you the spring reading... Oh, are you having cake?
      Arthur: Oh brother.

    • D.W.: What's wrong?
      Arthur: Dad got behind on his work doing my cakes and now Mr. Crosswire's mad. Dad might lose his business.
      D.W.: Lose his business? We'll have no money! We'll lose our house and end up on the street!
      Arthur: Mr. Crosswire's business, not Dad's catering business.
      D.W.: We'll have almost no money! Our furniture will end up on the street!
      Arthur: What will I do? I need these desserts!
      D.W.: Throw it away! Your crazy demands will destroy us!

    • Arthur: Performing is hard. We need the kind of energy you can only get from sugar.

    • Mr. Ratburn: I thought you might like to see the spring reading list. Oh --- are you having cake?

    • D.W.: Giving cake to some students and not others is against the law.
      Mr. Read: If you want a cake for your school, D.W., I'll make you one. (D.W. claps a bit.)
      Mr. Read: I'm a hit!

    • Arthur: I mean, you guys don't really think those things are cool... do you?
      Muffy: Come on Buster, he just doesn't get it.
      Buster: Does your Woogle like to sit under lamps? Mine does. But I was worried about him melting.
      Arthur: Huh?

  • Notes

    • When this episode aired in "Arthur & Buster Thanksgiving Spectacular," "Arthur Rides The Bandwagon" was replaced with "Buster's Green Thumb."

    • A Woogle is probably a spoof of Silly Slammers

    • It was more of the Furby fad. Started gradually, everyone wanted one, then the fad died as suddenly as it started.

    • This episode has a message about fads. The story sounds similar to the Beanie Baby rampage.

    • Mr. Ratburn asks people "Oh, are you having cake?" a total of at least four times in "Dad's Dessert Dilemma," under the guise that he just came to pass out the spring reading list and noticed that they were having cake. His attempts at mooching some free cake are almost always successful.

    • Arthur accidentally buys a Poogle instead of a Woogles and names him Charles.

    • David (Arthur's dad) use to have a pet rock named Rocky when he was young.

    • These are the name of some of the main characters' Woogles: Archie (Francine's), Bilbo (Buster's), Tiny Einy (Brain's) and Shnuffle (Muffy's)

    • At the end of this episode, Arthur starts a new fad—clicking bottle caps!

  • Allusions

    • In "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon," Mr. Read mentions having had a pet rock. Pets rocks were an actual fad, highly popular in the 1970s. Some are still in existence today, although the fad isn't nearly as popular as it once was.