Season 11 Episode 2

Arthur Sells Out / Mind Your Manners

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jun 26, 2007 on PBS
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#110201 "Arthur Sells Out"

Arthur is excited about the release of the new video game Dark Bunny: Return of the Moomies, but doesn't have the money to buy it. When his attempt at online sales through the school newspaper falls flat, Buster recommends getting advice from Muffy. Muffy's sales tactics soon result in great sales, but border on dishonesty and leave Arthur facing an important moral decision.

#110202 "Mind Your Manners"

After missing Grandparents' Day, Tommy and Timmy Tibble want to do something to nice for their grandma, but their manners aren't up to par. When D.W. refuses to help them, they try practicing on their own with less than stellar results. Then Molly offers some advice that may just be what they need.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • In the first story, Arthur sells his old toys for money. In the second story, the Tibbles deal with manners.

    This was a bad episode. The first story has been done before and Muffy was very annoying here. It wasn't awful by any means but it was boring because they've done these kind of conflicts before many times.

    The second story was terrible. Arthur doesn't even appear and none of the other main characters do either. It's just the Tibble Twins with D.W. thrown in for a few minutes. This is yet another episode that's been recycled from an older episode but this one was just terrible. Way too boring. An episode without any Arthur or even any of the main cast just doesn't work too often, this is one of those examples. Not good.moreless
Maggie Castle

Maggie Castle

Molly McDonald (Uncredited)

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Nicholas Wheeler-Hughes

Nicholas Wheeler-Hughes

James McDonald

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Ryan Tilson

Ryan Tilson

Tommy Tibble

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Postcards from You: Jamie, Kade and Mahhal visit the Estes McDoniel Marine Science Lab in Henderson, Nevada. This "ocean in the desert" features sharks, puffer fish and other fascinating marine wildlife. A second postcard comes from the kids at the Delano Optional School in Memphis, Tennessee. One of their friends, Khalik, is hungry for ribs, so they take him to get some. They visit the Blues Cafe and it's noted that "Memphis is the home base of ribs."

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Grandma Tibble: You two are awfully quiet. Is everything all right?
      Timmy: Uh huh. We're just reading signs.

    • Molly: Table manners are about being aware of the people around you and thinking about what they'd like.

    • James: They said they need to practice their table manners on someone, so they came to me.
      Molly: Don't sweat it, little bro. I'll keep them in line.

    • D.W.: I'm done teaching Tibbles.

    • Tommy: She didn't want to go to a restaurant.
      Timmy: I can't figure out why.
      D.W.: Probably because you two are slobs.
      Tommy: No we're not. Are we?

    • Emily: What did you do for your grandma on Grandparents' Day?
      Timmy: Grandparents' Day? We didn't even know there was one.
      D.W.: Typical. Well, you missed it. It was last Sunday.

    • Buster: It's bad enough when grownups cheat kids, but when kids cheat kids, it's like a total meltdown of the fabric of our society. And who needs melty fabric?

    • Arthur: Let the buyer beware, I always say.

    • Arthur: Toy soldiers for sale. New larger size. What a bargain.
      D.W.: Larger size? You just put it in a bigger box.
      Arthur: D.W., you just don't understand marketing.
      D.W.: Maybe, but I sure know what lying sounds like.
      Arthur: It's not lying. It's advertising.

    • Muffy: You don't think Bionic Bunny really loves Zippy Doodles? He's paid to say that.
      Arthur: Don't tell Buster. It'd crush him.

    • Muffy: Where's the eye candy?
      Arthur: Eye candy?
      Muffy: Boy, do I have my work cut out for me.

    • Computer: No mail. No mail. No mail. No mail.
      Arthur: I don't get it. Why isn't anything selling? (The scene changes to a table at the Sugar Bowl.)
      Muffy: I'll tell you why. There's no oomph. No pizazz. You don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.

    • Buster: If I bought everything I ever wanted, I'd have to have so many jobs, I'd never have time to play with the things I bought.
      Arthur: Just like grownups.

    • Announcer: Dark Bunny: Revenge of the Moomies.
      Dark Bunny: It's milking time!
      Arthur and Buster: Cool!
      Arthur: I've gotta have that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Raye Lankford is the writer for "Arthur Sells Out" and Ivan Tankushev is the storyboard artist. P. Kevin Strader is the writer for "Mind Your Manners" and Robert Yap & Nick Vallinakis are the two storyboard artists.