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Season 1 Episode 11

Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 18, 1996 on PBS
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Episode Summary

Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby
"Arthur's Baby"

Viewers are taken back, as Arthur and D.W. recollect what happened when Baby Kate was first-born. D.W. is excited with anticipation, but Arthur is very worried. His worries are only made worse when his friends tell him about all the awful stuff that's going to happen when the baby comes. Still, Arthur, is determined to be a good big brother, but ends up thinking that the baby hates him!

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"D.W.'s Baby"

D.W. was excited to have a new little sister, but when she doesn't get to help much and the baby moves into her room, things don't seem so great. Kate stinks and makes a lot of noise. D.W. hatches a plan to get rid of her, but finds that maybe being a big sister isn't so bad after all.

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    Jodie Resther

    Jodie Resther

    Francine Alice Frensky

    Arthur Holden

    Arthur Holden

    Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

    Michael Yarmush

    Michael Yarmush

    Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

    Sonja Ball

    Sonja Ball

    Janet Read

    Bruce Dinsmore

    Bruce Dinsmore

    David Read / Binky Barnes

    Danny Brochu

    Danny Brochu

    Buster Baxter

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Kate's crying is completely different in these episodes, compared to how Kate usually cries in the series (the same stock baby crying sounds typically used for Kate are also often used for other babies on the show, such as Binky's future adopted baby sister Mei-Lin.)

      • In "D.W.'s Baby," when D.W. plays with her toy truck, it is brown. When she offers it to baby Kate, it is blue.

    • QUOTES (21)

      • (The class is doing wrestling in the gym, and Binky pins Arthur down...)
        Binky: You'd better buy some earplugs! Babies never stop crying. (cackles)
        (Arthur imagines the new baby at the dinner table with the family constantly bawling, so loud it's causing her bowl to melt!)
        Arthur: Pass the salt, please!
        Mom: (shouting) WHAT?
        Arthur: I said, PASS THE SALT!
        (A fire engine speeds by outside the house, and the firefighters put their fingers in their ears to drown out the baby's crying; she's worse than the fire engine's siren! Back to reality...)
        Binky: So you can forget about sleeping! (laughs)

      • Arthur: (While watching a video of him as a baby) Is that me?
        Mrs. Read: Yes. You were such a cute little baby.
        D.W.: Yeah, what went wrong?

      • D.W.: My sister Kate needs me. There's no way I'm gonna let Arthur show her how to do things.

      • Grandma Thora: I think Kate will miss you.
        D.W.: She's just a baby. Babies don't miss.

      • D.W.: This family isn't working out.
        Nadine: Where are you going?
        D.W.: I'm going to live a happy life on an island that has everything I need.
        Nadine: (not leaving, and not thinking this is a good idea) Bye, D.W.

      • Mr. Read: (seeing his shoes in the dishwasher) Ahh! How did my new shoes get in the dishwasher?!
        D.W.: Kate did it! I saw her.
        Mr. Read: (frowns) D.W., go to your room and think about what you just told me. I'll be up to discuss it with you.
        (back at D.W.'s room)
        Nadine: He said "discuss." You know what that means.
        D.W.: Yeah, I'm in trouble.

      • D.W.: (trying to blame Kate for an imploded building) She did it.
        Mrs. Read: A demolition team did it, D.W.
        D.W.: Yeah, that's what I meant.

      • D.W.: I loosen up the gas and he takes the credit.
        Nadine: I don't think he was trying to make you look bad. Burps are mysterious things.

      • Nadine: You know grown-ups. Give them time.
        Her and D.W.: (in unison) They're slow learners!

      • D.W.: I heard that too much sleep is bad for you.

      • D.W.: (holding camera upside-down in teaser) I'm just trying to make Arthur look interesting, but it's hopeless.

      • Mrs. Read: Is everything all right?
        Arthur: It is now.

      • D.W.: She doesn't cry when I hold her.
        Arthur: (to Kate) Hey, you dropped this.
        D.W.: Arthur, was that on the floor? It has to be "steribilized."

      • Arthur: Oh brother.
        D.W.: Oh sister! Ya'ay!
        Arthur: (extremely unenthusiastic) Yahoo.

      • D.W.: (holding up a photo of herself) Here's something to look at while you're in the hospital, to help you make another perfect kid.

      • Arthur: (to D.W.) Oh, no, no! Get that diaper off my Bionic Bunny right now! And stop turning everything into a baby!

      • Coach: Great catch, Read. You okay?
        Arthur: Got an ouchy boo-boo.

      • Buster: This should protect you from those smelly diapers.
        Arthur: (who has a big boot tied around his nose) Yeah, I can't smell anything!
        Buster: Great!
        Arthur: But I can't breathe! (they both hurry to remove it)

      • Arthur: You know how the world could be perfect? Remove all the little sisters. That's my idea of perfect.

      • Arthur: (talking about Kate) I already miss the days when she was a cute little baby.
        D.W.: No you don't!

      • Arthur: Babies do some dopey things, but I guess we were all babies once.

    • NOTES (10)

      • "Arthur's Baby" is based off the book by Marc Brown by the same name. Many of the elements of the book were adapted in the episode. Similarly, the book also introduced Kate into the book series, but the adaption was done as a flashback episode, since Kate was already seen in the show.

      • Kate's keeping D.W. awake with her crying inspired a song that was included on the original Arthur album --- Arthur And Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD. The song, titled "Go to Sleep," was a loud rock number with D.W. and the help of a band that came into her room. Although the loud, raucous lyrics ("Count some sheep! / Go to sleep! / Don't make a peep!") seemed to be exactly what wasn't needed, it managed to get Kate to sleep. The lyrics for this song are avaialble at the Songbook at the official website and you listen to the song at the Music Box.

      • "D.W.'s Baby" reveals that there's an island near Elwood City named Button Island and it's within boating distance of the town.

      • The flashback events of "Arthur's Baby" begin around six months before Baby Kate was born, placing Arthur at approximately 6 1/2 years old and D.W. at approximately 3 years old. However, in these scenes, both act about as they normally do on the show and neither look any different.

      • A young version of Mr. Ratburn is seen in "Arthur's Baby." He is called Emil by is Mom, but later in the series is referred to as Nigel.

      • Presented essentially as a two-parter with the events of "D.W.'s Baby" directly continuing the story from "Arthur's Baby." "D.W.'s Baby" includes a sequence lifted directly from the previous story, except shown from D.W.'s point-of-view. D.W. can be seen talking to Nadine in this version of events, although Arthur and his friends appear to be oblivious of this.

      • Although Kate has been seen in previous episodes, this is her formal introduction. Viewers get to see what she was like when she was first born and how she got to where she is now, at one-year-old. Younger versions of Arthur and D.W. are also shown.

      • The events in both "Arthur's Baby" and "D.W.'s Baby" are based largely on the events in Arthur's Baby by Marc Brown.

      • "Arthur's Baby"

        Title Card: Arthur Swims by and Says "Hi!"
        Card Reader: Binky

        "D.W.'s Baby"

        Title Card: Faster and More Annoying Than a Mosquito! - D.W.
        Card Reader: Francine

      • And Now a Word From Us Kids: A boy tells his class that his Mom is going to have a baby. They talk about it and draw pictures. Many other kids discuss their own existing little brothers and sisters.

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