Season 1 Episode 18

Arthur's Chicken Pox / Sick as a Dog

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jan 20, 1997 on PBS
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Arthur's Chicken Pox / Sick as a Dog
"Arthur's Chicken Pox"

When Arthur starts acting oddly at school, he's sent to the nurse who finds he has a fever and sends him home. The next morning, he wakes up with chicken pox and is worried he won't be able to attend the circus that's coming to town. D.W. is delighted at an opportunity to torture him, but soon becomes jealous at all the attention he's getting.

"Sick as a Dog"

Despite his parents' warnings, Arthur has been letting Pal eat a lot of things he shouldn't --- everything from stale gummi worms from a Halloween possibly long past to a hot dog snatched directly from D.W.'s bun. Pal then starts looking ill and making a weird noise and ends up having to go to the vet and stay the night. Arthur is very worried, as Pal's never been away from him that long before. Worried about what's going to happen to Pal, he tries to shift the blame to D.W., convinced that she's done something after her statement that she would "teach that dog a lesson he'll never forget."moreless

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Jodie Resther

Jodie Resther

Francine Alice Frensky

Arthur Holden

Arthur Holden

Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

Michael Yarmush

Michael Yarmush

Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

Sonja Ball

Sonja Ball

Janet Read

Bruce Dinsmore

Bruce Dinsmore

David Read / Binky Barnes

Danny Brochu

Danny Brochu

Buster Baxter

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • While Arthur is being sucked into a swirling vortex during his fantasy nightmare, the colors on it change, due to an animation cut.

    • The magician guy at the vet with the snake is known as The Amazing Larry. He appeared in the book "Arthur's Pet Business." He was a human in that book, but in this episode, he's a rabbit-type person. The same is generally true of other characters who appeared as humans in the original books, as the Arthur TV show features only anthropomorphic characters.

    • When D.W. has her bath after pretending to have chicken pox, her shadow can be seen on the shower curtain. At this point, her hair looks as it normally does, but when Grandma Thora pulls the curtain back, it's straight because it's wet.

  • QUOTES (16)

  • NOTES (3)

    • "Arthur's Chicken Pox" is based in part on a book by the same name by Marc Brown.

    • "Arthur's Chicken Pox"

      Title Card: D.W. Chases After Toady and Pal With a Newspaper
      Card Reader: Binky

      "Sick as a Dog"

      Title Card: Arthur Swims by and Says "Hi!"
      Card Reader: Francine

    • And Now a Word From Us Kids: A group of schoolkids covers themselves in red dots as if they had chicken pox. They also talk about having chicken pox and being sick in general.


    • "Sick as a Dog" means: very sick; suffering miserably without an ailment.
      It got started because a dog is a commom household pet that often eats things it shouldn't and gets sick.

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