Season 1 Episode 1

Arthur's Eyes

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 02, 1996 on PBS

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  • I like it.

    When watching I want to get some glasses. Arthur need glasses too. I cannot see. When I likeed it, Francine's Bad Hair Day is what I like. I was suprised when Francine got a bad hair due. I do not have bad hair but Sarah does. Maybe I should call her Sarahneea.
  • The first episode of the show Arthur.

    About 6 years ago, I saw the first episode of Arthur. It got me into liking the Arthur character. In Arhur\'s glasses, Arthur learns that he needs to get glasses and becomese embarresed at school. Eventually he learns that many people have glasses and that he\'s not the only one. In Francine\'s Bad Hair Day, it\'s school picture day at school. Muffy, Francine\'s friend, persuades her to have a nice hairdo for the picture. By the time she goes to get her picture, it\'s all messed up. These episodes are events that happen to the typical kid.
  • Arthur gets glasses and Francine gets a new hairdo

    This was the very first ep I ever saw. I remeber it vividally. I was bouncing on the couch waiting for Puzzle Place to come on. Then all of a sudden this new show had taken over my TV. At first I figured I would hate it, but this first ep got me hooked. Arthur getting his glasses was great. I wanted glasses after watching him get to try all of them on. Then when Francine got her hairdo I couldn't really relate to that but, I liked how everybodies pics were messed up. Its becuase of his ep I watch Arthur today.