Season 1 Episode 30

Arthur's First Sleepover / Arthur's New Years Eve

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jun 02, 1997 on PBS

Episode Recap

Arthur's First Sleepover

(The teaser features Arthur, Buster and the Brain outside their tent talking about what uses to scare them, such as the dark.)
Arthur is planning a sleepover with his friends Buster and the Brain. They will be camping out in a tent in his backyard, and he attempts to set up the tent, though his dog Pal is causing trouble, and the sleepover isn't until Saturday. At breakfast, their father reads a tabloid newspaper with an article saying someone claimed to see a spaceship in Elwood City. D.W. gets the idea to try and photograph said spaceship with her Polaroid camera and get rich off of it, though Arthur doesn't believe in UFOs. Later on the way home from school, Buster sadly tells Arthur his mom says he can't come, because she's worried Buster will be scared due to the spaceship rumors. So Arthur has his mom call Buster's mom on the phone, and she gives in and says "yes," to Arthur's delight. D.W. is sure if she spent all night in a tent outside she'd see the spaceship. That night, Buster promises his mom he won't be scared, but when he sleeps, he has a nightmare about his friends being aliens that try to capture him at the sleepover. Meanwhile, the Brain dreams about helping aliens that have crash-landed in his yard and enjoys it. Arthur, of course, is having a nightmare, but about D.W. wanting to come to his sleepover! Finally, Saturday arrives, and Dad pitches the tent for Arthur, though he rejects the idea of Arthur bringing out a television for the sleepover. D.W., still on the lookout for UFOs, wonders if Dad is really himself or an alien having took over his body, though his calling for D.W. to clean her room proves it's really him. That night, Buster and the Brain arrive, and as D.W. comes out, Arthur argues with her that she's not invited, before Mom tells her to come in. A little later, the boys can't find the flashlight, but they don't need it due to the full moon and the Brain's battery-powered lantern. As they head back out, D.W. hands them their camera and requests to take a picture of an alien or UFO if they see one. Once they leave, we see D.W. had the flashlight all along! Inside the tent, the boys struggle a bit at first due to its but it's fine once they're sitting down, though when they lie down their feet and sleeping bags stick out from the bottom of the flap. Later, they show off and trade baseball cards, and initially get scared when someone unzips the tent from outside, but it turns out to just be Dad, telling them it's time to go to sleep. Once they're comfortably settled into their sleeping bags, the Brain suggests they tell ghost stories, while Buster would rather play cards, but then Arthur notices a glowing circle of light moving around outside the tent, and they think it's a spaceship headlight and panic as the tent collapses on them. But it turns out to be D.W. playing a prank from her room with the flashlight. Among figuring out the truth, Arthur goes up to D.W.'s room and returns her camera, and then, after fixing the tent, they get some "things," and then scare D.W. with a fake alien outside her window (with a picture of one taped to a sleeping bag suspended by a baseball bat). But when she snaps a photo of it, she gets wise and hurries down to the tent and claims to the boys she wasn't fooled by their practical joke, until they hear beeping and honking sounds, and look outside and see what looks like a spaceship hovering in the air! D.W. snaps several pictures of it, claiming she's rich, but then the boys reveal it was just an impromptu model spaceship they made (with stuff like a pie pan, a flashlight and a kazoo.) The boys laugh, saying they fooled her that time, but D.W. feels dejected and sadly walks back into the house. Feeling sorry for her, they allow D.W. to join them at the sleepover, but she quickly gets bored and heads back to her bedroom, while the three boys continue to stay up and play Go Fish...


Arthur's New Years Eve

Arthur is putting up his new calendar, as the year is almost over (though the "magic eye" pictures confuse him.) He tells us how his parents have always said he's too young to stay up until midnight on New Years' Eve, though he has tried in the past but would always fall asleep before 12:00. This year, he doesn't plan to stay up at all. Arthur and D.W.'s parents are going out that night for New Year's Eve, and Grandma Thora will watch over them. However, D.W. sulks because she's too young to stay up until midnight, and complains she'll never get any older and be Arthur's age. Arthur insists there would probably be nothing to see at midnight, and is too mature to care about it. But as he plays outside in the snow with Pal, Prunella comes by, asking if he's going to stay up to watch the "Green Flash" at midnight. When Arthur asks what that is, Prunella figures out Arthur has never stayed up on New Year's, and explains at midnight, a huge green fireworks-like flash of light fills the sky, and if it doesn't happen, it has to stay the same year again for another whole year. This interests Arthur, and when he tells Francine about it, she counters, saying instead of a "green flash," at midnight the old calenders for the previous year become illegal and must be thrown away, before the New Year's Police check on you, or so she's heard. Binky then tells Arthur, among figuring out he's never stayed up until midnight, that a big wrestling match happens at midnight versus an old man (representing the old year) and a baby (representing the new year). The new year begins if the baby wins, but if the old guy wins, Groundhog Day comes early. Arthur tells this to Buster, who doesn't believe any of it. Even though he never stayed up until midnight either, he tells Arthur he heard from his cousin that the grownups all go to a big meeting where they share stories about the bad things they did to their kids all year, and scheme up new plans to make them miserable. Back at his house, Arthur finds D.W. practicing ways to stay up until midnight, from pinching herself to dropping an ice cube down her back, which seems to be the most effective. That night, Grandma Thora arrives, and the parents go out to their party (though Arthur causes some confusion when he initially tells them to "have a nice meeting" before correcting his mistake). Grandma Thora puts D.W. to bed at her usual time, though once she's alone, she initially tries hypnotizing herself with her alarm clock to stay awake. She also interrupts Arthur and Grandma Thora's thumb-wrestling and Go Fish games a couple of times to get some water, and then as midnight gets nearer, she does her ice cube trick, which manages to work. She comes down claiming she had a nightmare, and Grandma Thora allows her to stay up until midnight, as a tired Arthur yawns and decides to rest a bit. But right as the big moment arrives, Arthur is sound asleep, and D.W. gets excited, and her alarm clock rings among striking midnight and nothing else happens. D.W. feels ripped off and leaves to go back to bed, though when Arthur wakes up, shocked to have missed "it," D.W. teases him with saying it was great, with stuff such as "giant mules jumping off cliffs." Arthur is disappointed, saying he didn't see any of the stuff New Year's was really about, but Thora tells him that as long as he's remembered the great things he did the past year, he hasn't missed a thing! As Arthur watches out the window and remembers the memories from the past year, he makes a pact to Pal that next year they'll see all the stuff he was told about like the green flash and the wrestling...