Season 3 Episode 9

Arthur's Treasure Hunt / The Return of the King

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jan 04, 1999 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • During the maze scene when Arthur thinks his shadow is moving, he falls backwards, but in the next shot, he falls through a maze wall tearing it up.

    • The sorcerer has a different voice when Arthur gives him the sword.

  • Quotes

    • Buster: Well that's it, we've lost for sure now. Might as well get something to eat.
      Francine: Eat? You just had six pies!
      Buster: I feel empty inside...

    • Muffy: (An unnamed rival student who looks like Muffy serves to Muffy in a game of Middle Ages tennis. It breaks easily through Muffy's racket) Huh?! This isn't a regulation tennis ball - it weighs a ton!
      Rival Student: It's what they played with in the 16th century, like this racket.
      Muffy: That piece of junk? It looks like it could have been used by Henry VIII.
      Rival Student: It was used by Henry V. He was my great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle.

    • Mr. Ratburn: Stick with your partner, and take notes on all the historical details. They'll be useful when we compete in the games.
      Vendor: Get your haggis here! Fresh haggis! Two for a dollar!
      Buster: (Writing) Haggis, two for a dollar...What's haggis?

  • Notes

    • Episode B's title is a take off of the the novel The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King.

    • In RotK, Arthur's gang is pitted against a group of kids who have similar appearances, but different animal species.

  • Allusions

    • The title of the story "The Return of the King" is a reference to the famous book of the same name by J.R.R Tolkien.

    • The Return of the King is based on the fact that King Arthur pulled a real sword out of a stone in the Middle Ages. History repeats itself and Arthur Read pulls a sword out of a stone on the field trip.