Season 3 Episode 10

Attack of the Turbo Tibbles / D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jan 11, 1999 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In "D.W. Tricks The Tooth Fairy," D.W. remembers that when Arthur tried to lose a tooth, he chewed gum. We are then shown a clip of him chewing taken from "Arthur's Tooth." But in the episode, what he was chewing wasn't gum, it was rock candy.

    • When D.W. gets hit with the swing, a swing on the swing set disappears.

    • The clip of the world blowing up during the Turbo T-Bot show's opening sequence comes directly from "Arthur Goes Crosswire;" the scene where the gang plays a video game where you destroy planets. You can even see the video game score, etc. during that shot in the opening!

    • CTKDX69- D.W. looks like she can read what the calculator says, but she can't read. -CTKDX69

    • CTKDX69- When they show the clip about D.W. showing the necklace to Arthur, he is thinking, but in the original scene he has a sly face. -CTKDX69

  • Quotes

    • Emily: (after D.W. gets violently hit in the face by Timmy pushing the swing) What did you do?! BLOOD!!! MRS. TIBBLE! D.W.'S FACE IS BLEEDING! I THINK IT'S BROKEN!!!!! (the Tibble twins are scared seeing D.W. wailing in pain as they run off to hide)
      : Our time-space transperonderer is broken. We may never be able to get home. Timmy: (having had quite enough of the T-Bot game, taking off mask) Cut it out. I don't wanna play this anymore.
      : Put your helmet on! We're out in space and you need it!
      : I quit. What if D.W.'s dying?
      Tommy: (takes off his own helmet)
      Can you die from getting hit in the mouth?
      : I don't know.
      Mrs. Tibble: (calling from outside the garage) Timmy! Tommy!
      : If she finds us, we're gonna get punished.
      Tommy: I guess we'll have to live out here forever.
      Timmy: I told you we should've hid against the back wall.
      Mrs. Tibble
      : (lifts the garage door open) There you are!
      Timmy and Tommy
      : (broken down in tears as they hug her legs tightly) WE'RE SORRY!!!!
      Mrs. Tibble
      : I think you should apologize to D.W., not to me.
      : You mean she's alive?!
      Mrs. Tibble
      : Yes. Her mother took her to the emergency room.

  • Notes

    • This is one of the rare(possibly only)children's stories in which the secret of the Tooth Fairy is given away(when Arthur sneaks in and places money under D.W.'s pillow)

  • Allusions

    • Pumpkins in Pants

      The "Pumpkins in Pants" show that the Tibble Twins dismiss as being for "babies" is a parody of the Australian children's TV series Bananas in Pajamas, which ran from 1992 to 2001.

    • The Turbo T-Bot show that Tommy and Timmy watch in "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles" is a spoof to the popular show, Power Rangers.

    • Richard Scarry

      When Tommy and Timmy are watching TV at the Reads' house, after the video messes up, they see a bat and another worm-like bat in a barn. Both characters have the same appearance as Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm, characters from The Busy World of Richard Scarry, which was also produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment (formerly Cinar Productions), the same studio that produces Arthur. In the parody, the worm's name is Loomy. To make the reference more obvious, Sonja Ball, the voice of Jane Read, whom also voiced Huckle Cat in The Busy World of Richard Scarry, voices the Huckle Bat using the same voice she used for Huckle.
      Additionally, in the T-Bot Team episode the Tibbles watch at home where one of the T-Bots breaks into the evil Narwhal and Grey Whale's hideout, the whales' "Ay yi yi!" when they are shocked is a recycled sound byte from The Busy World of Richard Scarry of Pepe the Gangster and his Dirty Rats from the "Couscous" stories.