Season 3 Episode 10

Attack of the Turbo Tibbles / D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jan 11, 1999 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • Emily: (after D.W. gets violently hit in the face by Timmy pushing the swing) What did you do?! BLOOD!!! MRS. TIBBLE! D.W.'S FACE IS BLEEDING! I THINK IT'S BROKEN!!!!! (the Tibble twins are scared seeing D.W. wailing in pain as they run off to hide)
      : Our time-space transperonderer is broken. We may never be able to get home. Timmy: (having had quite enough of the T-Bot game, taking off mask) Cut it out. I don't wanna play this anymore.
      : Put your helmet on! We're out in space and you need it!
      : I quit. What if D.W.'s dying?
      Tommy: (takes off his own helmet)
      Can you die from getting hit in the mouth?
      : I don't know.
      Mrs. Tibble: (calling from outside the garage) Timmy! Tommy!
      : If she finds us, we're gonna get punished.
      Tommy: I guess we'll have to live out here forever.
      Timmy: I told you we should've hid against the back wall.
      Mrs. Tibble
      : (lifts the garage door open) There you are!
      Timmy and Tommy
      : (broken down in tears as they hug her legs tightly) WE'RE SORRY!!!!
      Mrs. Tibble
      : I think you should apologize to D.W., not to me.
      : You mean she's alive?!
      Mrs. Tibble
      : Yes. Her mother took her to the emergency room.