Season 11 Episode 10

Big Brother Binky

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 07, 2007 on PBS

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  • Well - meaning but the new baby concept has been done to death.

    In this episode; Binky the bulldog's Mom is adopting a baby from China and the episode deals with him coming to terms with the change and losing the attention from his parents, his game room and all the things that future older siblings must.

    First of all this topic is the oldest story in the book of "Teaching a moral lesson" with it being done in The Simpsons, Rugrats, Sesame Street and Malcolm in the Middle and now here but not quite to the same emotional effect.

    The gruff Binky never shows any real sorrow about the new baby; all of his anguish is materialistic and the lesson taught at the end is weak and oh so predictable.

    The dialogue is of course intended for kids so you can forgive how it is cheesy to the point of sometimes being downright ridiculous but for a show that's aimed and youngsters; the first nightmare scene will most likey startle them and having the story go for 22 minutes; the length of 2 reguler Arthur stories, it's likey their attention will be lost.

    One thing that does work in the episode's favour is that it shows the perspective of the Binky, his parents and his adopted sister Mei Lin in a funny scene at the end which makes this better than the run - of - the - mill story of the same nature.

    Once again the parents appear to be the same species and look exactly the same which leads us to believe that every set of parents in the fictional Elwood City are brother and sister. Scary.

    Anyway this is a quality and informative episode of Arthur which counters its stale storyline with genuine heart and humour.
  • Binky's family adopt a baby girl from China. When they return home, Binky has a hard time ajusting to his new life.

    This was a episode that really touched my heart as MY sister is adopted. It was really nice for me and my family to be able to see such a special episode. My sister is only 2 years old at the moment but I hope she can apresiate this episode in later years. The episode is very realistic in how Binky deals with the changes an adoption will bring. There is a lot of frustraiting waiting as portrayed in the episode. My family had to wait for years as well even though we adopted a baby from our local area. There also was tons of paper work and it's also true that the child will need some time to get used to their new family. All in all this was a great episode with much meaning for me and my family. I should just say that I write this review with our newest foster baby on my lap scraching my shirt. :D