Season 11 Episode 10

Big Brother Binky

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 07, 2007 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Some of the games that Binky had in his game room were Tower of Cows and No Guessing.

    • D.W. calls Binky by his name in this episode. All other times, she called him "Big head kid."

    • During the scene when Binky is singing a lullaby to his little sister, he is spotted in his green pajamas. Later, when the angle changes, he is in his normal clothes. But later in the scene, he is back in the green pajamas.

    • Postcards from You: The first postcard is topical. It's from Laura and Emma in Arlington, Massachusetts. They're both girls who were adopted from China. They show their baby pictures and adoption paperwork, then head to a Chinese restaurant and order dumplings. The second postcard is from Filmon and David in Sweden, courtesy of UNICEF. Theirs is a music video in which they bounce around a ball.

    • Francine reads the title card. It's the one where Binky blows a big bubble gum bubble and it pops, trapping him within the title card.

  • Quotes

    • Binky: They're talking baby talk.
      Arthur: I wonder what they're saying to each other.
      Mei Lin: What are those things on your brother's face?
      Kate: They're called glasses.
      Mei Lin: Fascinating. My brother's the one with the noodles on his chin.

    • Mr. Read: Isn't it amazing what brothers and sisters learn from each other?
      D.W.: I learn a lot from Arthur because he makes so many mistakes. If I want to do something right, I just do the opposite of what he does.
      Arthur: D.W.!
      D.W.: What? I'm giving you a complimentation!

    • Binky: When Arthur's around, it's like I'm invisible. You'd probably rather have him for a brother.

    • Binky: Look, Mei Lin! I'm a dancing moose!
      Arthur: (rides by on his bicycle) Hi, Mei Lin! (He rings his bell and she stops crying.)
      Binky: (to George) What are you looking at?

    • Binky: And then, all I do is this (puffs up cheeks) and she stops crying just like that. But it only works when I do it.
      Buster: Wow! You have a special gift. Like Tyler the cat psychic on that show Ordinary People with Extraordinary Powers.
      Arthur: Buster, there's no such thing as a "cat psychic."
      Buster: Oh yeah? Then how did Tyler know that Mr. Jiggles would only eat minced mackerel?

    • Binky: I can't wait to meet Mei Lin. Will she be at the airport?
      Mrs. Barnes: No, dear. It'll be at least two or three days before we can pick her up.
      Binky: More waiting.
      Mr. Barnes: Don't worry. There'll be lots of sightseeing to distract us.

    • Binky: Guess there's no room for me and my stuff anymore.

    • D.W.: I'm an expert at taking care of babies, so call me anytime.

    • D.W.: Binky! For your sister's quilt. She's gonna love unicorns.
      Buster: (presenting a patch with spaceships) For your sister's quilt. So she'll believe.

    • Binky: Ah, my favorite. Peanut-free egg rolls. Xie xie. Sue Ellen taught me how to say "thank you" in Chinese.

    • Binky: I'm all packed and ready for China.
      Mrs. Barnes: Binky, it could be a whole year before we go.

    • Binky: I'm going to be an older brother?
      Mr. Barnes: Yep. We're gonna adopt from China, so it'll probably be a girl.

    • Binky: How did you do that?
      Arthur: It's called "Big Brother Becomes the Wind."

    • Binky: (in opening teaser sequence) Greetings, Master.
      Arthur: Why have you come?
      Binky: I wish to learn the way of the big brother.
      Arthur: The path is long as will cost you dearly.

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