Season 8 Episode 10

Big Horns George / *Bleep*

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Dec 26, 2003 on PBS

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  • This episode made me laugh 'till my cheeks tingled. Comedic relief, yet well written episode dealing with swearing...

    See title. This was definitely a well-written episode that does a great job dealing with children swearing WITHOUT HAVING THE CHARACTERS ACT OUT OF CHARACTER LIKE THE NEW ONES DO, and is an original. It even made me laugh, and still does.
  • The Curse Word Is Just Too Silly

    I would never even know what daisy wanda just said 25 minutes of the episode. Her mother keeps saying that it\'s time for dinner, but she wouldn\'t listen. Then she says this junk word, and her mother tells her, \"You\'re off the hook, swear words are not appropriate, and they can offend everyone.\" But what did daisy wanda just say in front of everyone? Maybe she said ninnyhammer, or bad fellow, but most of all, I will probably never know what she really said at all. If you don\'t want to learn about swear words, then don\'t watch it! Goodbye.
  • This episode is bad.

    This episode, \\\"Bleep\\\", is very unapporpiate for little kids. Yes it was funny, but the little kids will not understand what the hell they\\\'re talking about and start asking parents or siblings what a curse word is. That\\\'s not very good. Arthur should be a show for kids so they learn to be respectful people, not cursing each other out.
  • Big Horns George - A great episode

    This has become one of my favourite Arthur episodes. The blues music featured in Big Horns George was great to listen to, and it was neat to see George play an active role in an episode, which is rare in the series. The only others that come to mind were "Arthur's Dummy Disaster" and "The Boy With His Head in the Clouds"