Season 8 Episode 10

Big Horns George / *Bleep*

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Dec 26, 2003 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Bleep contains a couple of past references to things breaking on the show, during the teaser sequence when Arthur fantasizes D.W. telling Mom that Arthur accidentally broke her glass bird, as in Arthur's Perfect Christmas, and later when D.W. says the swear to Arthur, causing him to drop his model Bell X-1 rocket plane he was working on, and the plane breaks again, just as it did in Arthur's Big Hit (except it broke for a different reason, and Arthur was not as concerned about his plane being smashed here.)

    • While D.W. is spying on the neighbors, you can tell when her neighbor said the curse word because if you look closely inside the neighbor's window, you can see them suddenly get that surprised look on their faces.

    • Why are Koko and Taj, two famous blues singers, hanging out at the home of Sarah McGrady, a lowly cafeteria employee?

    • When D.W. is spying on the neighbors, the kid that she tricked's dad's hair turns from dark brown to light brown.

  • Quotes

    • (Mom is tucking D.W. into bed for the night...)
      Mom: Well, you're off the hook this time, because you didn't know what you were saying. But I hope you know now that swear words are not appropriate things to say, especially for three and four-year-old children.
      D.W.: Why?
      Mom: Because most people are offended by them. It's as simple as that.
      D.W.: But why? What do they mean?
      Mom: I guess you could say they mean "I want to hurt your feelings." Good night, D.W.

    • (Arthur fantasizes how the bleep can censor things you don't want others to hear, via a flashback of when Arthur accidentally broke Mom's glass bird...)
      D.W.: MOM! Arthur just (bleep!) your favorite (bleep!) bird!
      (Arthur thumbs up the operator using his censoring device.)

    • (During a dream, the whole family's at the dinner table, including Nadine. The parents carry dinner.)
      : Nadine's right, honey. All you have to do is tell it to us. (Arthur shakes his head "no" at D.W.)
      : But what if it does something really, really bad?
      : What could one little word do?
      (Nadine shrugs.)
      : Okaaay... (inhales deeply, then says the bad word)
      (Mom gasps and drops her plate, which crashes to the ground! It's the same with the Dad and his bowl, and Arthur with his pitcher of milk, and Kate, who pushes her bowl over. Sirens wail from outside as D.W. runs to the window to watch outside, and then all the windows and lights in town break and electrical wires snap! Then stars and the moon fall to the ground. A giant Mary Moo Cow appears, jumping over the grounded moon.)
      Mary Moo Cow
      : (deep voice) UhhmmmMMOOOOooo!
      (She cracks an egg with a hammer and D.W. wakes up.)
      D.W: (gasps) Bad idea, Nadine!

    • George: You wrote a song about math?
      Brain: Uuuuhhh... yeah. Blues doesn't have to be about getting your heart broken or losing your job.

    • Mrs. Read: Dora Winifred Read! WHAT did you just say to me?!
      D.W.: Uh... can I have a soda?

    • (D.W. is in trouble for teaching Vicita the curse word...)
      : Uh... Arthur did it?

    • D.W.: What if the Tibbles are lying?
      Nadine: Wouldn't be the first time.

  • Notes

    • Arthur didn't appear in Big Horns George

    • Peter K. Hirsch was nominated for the 2004 Humanitas Prize in the Children's Animation Category for the story "Big Horns George."

    • The episode "Bleep", where D.W. learns a curse word, is similar to the Rugrats episode, "The Word Of The Day", the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Sailor Mouth", and the Powerpuff Girls episode, "Curses". It is also similar to an episode from the PBS version of The Berenstain Bears, "The Big Blooper".

    • Special Guests Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal receive a combined Special Thanks credit.

    • The television program in the teaser for "Bleep," The Altos, is a parody of HBO's adult drama, The Sopranos, which is a favorite of Marc Brown.

  • Allusions

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