Season 9 Episode 10

Binky Goes Nuts / Breezy Listening Blues

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on PBS

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  • What people can't eat peanuts?

    Binky Goes Nuts"

    When Binky discovers that he's allergic to peanuts, he has so many questions: Will he be forced to live without Chinese food? Will he ever again be able to eat with his friends? And most importantly, will his Mom ever calm down? Binky learns that the best way not to go nuts is to be well informed and to understand his allergy.

    "Breezy Listening Blues"

    Much to his horror, Brain gets a "B-" on a test. That's only one grade above a C! What caused this disaster? Could it be the new "Breezy Listening" background music playing at the Ice Cream Shop? Brain is determined to get to the bottom of this before he loses what's left of his IQ. (official website synopsis)
  • This episode almost made little sense. [Breezy Listening Blues]

    The problem is, the Brain, who should be smart enough to understand that a simple C.D. could never change one person's knowledge, believes it anyway! One of the problems with this episode is Brain's new voice. He's had about 500, and this is one of his worst yet! Brain gets a "C" on a test, believing that he is getting stupider. But what could be causing it? Oh! It must be this CD, called "Breezy Listening"!!! So, the Brain decides to give tests to see if it is the CD or not. FIrst, the Tibbles, who were just comic reilef. If the Brain, who is all logical, wanted to find the answer to his problems scientifically, he should ask someone more reasonable. Thankfully, he deciedes to try it on himself, next. THe dream sequence is ok [except for the scream, which sounds like Arthur's dad] But I really doubt that a CD is making people want to buy everything in sight! What happened to your test grade? Eh?

    So, Brain convinces mother Brain to not play it in the ice cream shop anymore, as it's dishonest, making people buy things unconsciencusly. So, Brain is now in charge of the shop's music! Sadly, nobody likes his music, forcing him to change it to there awesome songs!

    Then, Brain gets a great idea! He mixes all the songs with a CD called "Sundae Hits" And the test? Just a fluke! HE gets another A!

    I'm sorry, but this is one of the worst Brain-centured episodes. He just acts like Somebody else through the whole thing.