Season 3 Episode 6

Binky Rules / Meet Binky

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 09, 1998 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Binky's song is called "Matalii ja Mustii" and is sung by Värttinä.

    • One of the rocker kids who are doing all the grafitti is a caricature of a character designer from his rocker days in the 1980's. Unfortunately, the voice director cast a girl voice for him.

  • Quotes

    • Brain: Nancy Drew got criminals to confess by wearing attractive pastels.

    • Buster: Give it up Sleezix! I'm in Nadaville!

    • Buster: That song!
      Fern: How can you think of music at a time like this?!

    • Buster: Okay, Binky wants us to make the riffle.
      Fern: Huh?
      Buster: We need solutions.

    • Binky: So what have you found out?
      Buster: I've nearly solved it, Binkly. Oh, and Fern thinks it's you.
      Fern: I do not! It's so obviously it's you, it's obviously not you.

    • Fern: Were you spying on me?
      Buster: Hardly foofoo. I do my best noodlework at high altitudes.

    • Buster: Hey, gopherball, whaddya know about the shenanigag on Binky?
      Muffy: Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any stranger.
      Buster: Look's like Binky's taking a pancake fall.
      Fern: Hoahhhhhhhhhh... Would you please speak English!

    • Buster: Brain, you know your goulash. Slobber a bibful, or Binky's going to clutch the gummy.
      Brain: If you wanna know tomorrow's menu, it's posted by the cafeteria.
      Buster: Hmmm, aha. Very interesting.
      Fern: Can we move on?!

    • Buster: Listen, pinky-crooker. This evidence stuff is a wet smack. All you're gonna do is win the porcelain hairnet.

    • Buster: Phooey!
      Fern: You distracted our witness! And what is that getup?
      Buster: Don't blow a fuse, Tootsie. What's next?

    • Buster: I'll take over the Q & A. Okay, put me wise.

    • Buster: Pink chalk, used the by the
      Fern: First rule of detecting, Buster: never sit on your evidence.

    • Buster: That's me. Buster Baxter: Private Eye in the City of the Strawberries.
      Fern: Oh, pleeeease!

  • Notes

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