Season 10 Episode 8

Binky vs. Binky / Operation: D.W.!

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 24, 2006 on PBS

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  • Good Episode

    I think that this episode of Arthur was an average episode. It wasn't my favorite episode but some of the parts in the stories were good. The first story was about Binky and him learning that the only person in competiton that he should try to beat is himself. In this story he got help from the cyclist Vance Legstrong which is an obvious rip of Lance Armstrong. The second story was about D.W. getting an ear operation because she had trouble hearing. One of the things I liked in this episode was the beginning when they showed how D.W.'s ear was working and why it wasn't working. I liked this story alot. Overall this was a good story and a good episode of Arthur.