Season 3 Episode 2

D.W., All Fired Up / I'd Rather Read It Myself

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 28, 1998 on PBS
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D.W., All Fired Up / I'd Rather Read It Myself

"D.W., All Fired Up"

D.W. loves preschool and wants to go everyday, but when Ms. Morgan announces that they will have a fire drill she fears for her safety and doesn't want to go anymore. Will she get over her fear of fire drills?

"I'd Rather Read It Myself"

The Tibble Twins can do anything better than D.W. They even learned how to ride a 2-wheeler before her, so D.W. tries the impossible and tells them that she is able to read before them. They challenge her and she picks up a book and makes up a story, but will D.W. be able to pull it off?


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    Jodie Resther

    Jodie Resther

    Francine Alice Frensky

    Arthur Holden

    Arthur Holden

    Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

    Michael Yarmush

    Michael Yarmush

    Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

    Sonja Ball

    Sonja Ball

    Janet Read

    Bruce Dinsmore

    Bruce Dinsmore

    David Read / Binky Barnes

    Danny Brochu

    Danny Brochu

    Buster Baxter

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • There were two versions of D.W., All Fired Up produced. One version has a pulsing horn for the fire alarm, like many older fire alarm systems would have in the United States. The other version has a long continuous bell ringing for the fire alarm at D.W.'s preschool. This version is often aired in Canada (the country Arthur is produced in), where bells are commonly used for fire alarms.

      • In "D.W., All Fired Up," Ms. Morgan discusses the fire drill and the clock on the wall reads 11:25. D.W. goes into a brief fantasy sequence in which she imagines just what a fire drill might be and when the sequence ends, the clock inexplicably reads 11:55.

      • During the grillout in "D.W., All Fired Up," D.W.'s nervousness about the fire causes her to be twitchy, making Arthur spill lemonade on the lawn. The camera then cuts away to a wider shot to show Mrs. Read and suddenly the lemonade has vanished.

      • At the end of the fire drill in "D.W., All Fired Up," at least two kids including Emily are missing from the scene.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (after the fire drill...)
        D.W.: Ms. Morgan, are we gonna have any more fire drills?
        Ms. Morgan: (chuckles) Not for a while, D.W. (they walk back into the buidling)
        D.W.: How about a tidal wave drill? I've seen some pretty big waves at Bear Lake. Or a volcano drill? We have to be ready for anything, you know. What about a sudden-loss-of-gravity drill?

      • (The Tibbles attempt to prove to D.W. that they can tell time before her, as they stand in front of the grandfather clock in Arthur's living room...)
        D.W.: So, what time is it?
        Timmy: It's "eleventy-twelve!" (the clock actually reads ten past four)
        Tommy: He's right!

      • D.W.: (watching Arthur do his homework) Paper is flammable, Arthur. You should use something else!
        Arthur: You can't always wear a wet towel, D.W. You'll catch a cold.
        D.W.: Okay.
        Arthur: You know, I was a little scared of my first fire drill. But it was okay. Doesn't that make you feel better?
        D.W.: No.
        Arthur: Well, they didn't set the school on fire, so you shouldn't be afraid of that.
        D.W.: But that was in the olden days when you were in preschool. Things have changed, Arthur!

      • D.W.: Do what you want to the school, but I will not be part of this insanity. You can pass me my juice and cookies through the window.

      • Mrs. Read: Have a good afternoon. I love you.
        D.W.: Love you too. (Mrs. Read leaves and D.W. starts talking to Nadine inside her preschool.) There she goes, the best mother I ever had. I may never see her again.
        Nadine: She would have come with you.
        D.W.: I don't want to put her through this crazy fire drill stuff. She's too nice.

      • Tommy: (as Mrs. Tibble reads to him and Tommy about Leonard Da Vinci) Who's "Lemon-Yellow Da Vintage?"

      • Tommy: If you can read, what does this say? (points to television set)
        D.W.: It says "Television."
        Tommy: (whispering in Timmy's ear) She is right!

      • Dad: (woken from sleep by alarm) Smoke detector!
        Mom: I think it's coming from D.W's room!
        Dad: I don't smell smoke. Do you smell smoke? (louder, higher-pitched smoke detector goes off)
        Mom: Now it's coming from downstairs!
        (They run down, and Arthur wakes up. They find D.W. setting off the smoke detector in the living room with a broomstick.)
        Dad: D.W, what are you doing?
        D.W: I couldn't sleep, so I'm testing the smoke detectors! The ones in my room and the kitchen work good...
        Mom: That's not a game, D.W! Now come on, honey, back to bed.

      • Mr. Read: It's a fireman's hat and I hereby appoint you the official fire warden of the Read household.
        D.W.: I'm a warden now? Great! (points at Arthur) Back in your cell!

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