Season 9 Episode 9

D.W. Beats All / Buster the Myth Maker

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Apr 07, 2005 on PBS

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  • D.W. is a hit at the concert! Buster believes everything he reads online.

    In D.W. beats all the Tibbles both get drum sets. Arthur and his friends and the Tibbles play at the summer concert. The Tibbles tell her that she can't play real music without instruments. So she decides to make her own instruments. She plays at the summer concert and is a hit!

    In Buster the Myth Maker Buster tells Arthur about all the different things he's read about different food on the internet. He tells Arthur about all the gross things that are in the food. Then they read an article about two tigers being mistakenly shipped to Elwood City and living in the park. There is also this mystery of dogs missing in that park. They go to the park and the find this man setting a trap. The Brain confesses to them that he posted the story about the tigers on the website. They go back to the park and find out that the man setting the trap was really the dognapper.

    D.W. beats all was so-so. I liked the way the show focused on performance art. Buster the Myth Maker is one of my favorites. Him reading about all those secret ingredients on websites sounds like some dumb thing I would do.