Season 2 Episode 10

D.W. Goes to Washington / Arthur's Mystery Envelope

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Dec 15, 1997 on PBS

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    There times that I wonder why Arthur hasn't tried to kill DW. (Yes, I know about the episode where he hit her.) The way that she acts in this episode definately made me want to strangle her. Through out the entire episode, she does nothing but whine about why her parents won't buy her a pony and forced her to go on a family trip to Washington DC and acts like a total brat with her parents hardly doing a thing about it. If I acted half as bad as DW was in this episode, my parents would've disaplined me ASAP. What makes this episode especally bad is that not only does DW get away with her bad attitude, she gets rewarded (dinner with the prez and his approval for her sucking up). I couldn't really enjoy the show after that. And I was raised on the Arthur books.
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