Season 4 Episode 1

D.W.'s Library Card / Arthur's Big Hit

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 06, 1999 on PBS

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  • This is the worst episode of Arthur and proves why I hate D.W

    Skip D.W's library card,the second one was the worst.It's basically about that Arthur builds a plane and works very hard at it,but after all that hardwork,D.W wrecks it and Arthur gets mad.D.W says that it's not her fault that it doesn't fly.Um,it was your fault,D.W.Then,Arthur gets so mad that he punches D.W.Well,she deserves it.But then Arthur gets grounded for it.Oh come on,Arthur has to apologize to D.W because he punched her,but D.W isn't going to.It's nearly 100% her fault.And worst of all,his friends are on Arthur's side saying that she's little and all that.Oh come on!His friends must be stupid.Then they both apologize to each other and she didn't realize that it was a model.How stupid is D.w?!A plane isn't that small.And it teaches kids that if they do something bad,it's not their faults.Of course it is!Worst.Episode.ever