Season 4 Episode 1

D.W.'s Library Card / Arthur's Big Hit

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 06, 1999 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In Arthur's Big Hit, when Arthur hits D.W., apparently on the shoulder since D.W. touches that part as she gets up and cries, she falls backward in a sitting position. If someone was struck in the shoulder, they would not land in a sitting position on the ground. They would land flat on either their front or their back instead.

    • In "Arthur's Big Hit," when Arthur and "D.W." face off in the heavyweight boxing match, when the 2 have their mouthguards in, "D.W." is somehow able to speak, despite the fact that "she" can't understand what Arthur's saying when he has his mouthguard on.

    • Arthur's full name, Arthur Timothy Read, is mentioned for the first time in "Arthur's Big Hit."

    • And Now a Word From Us Kids: Kids at the Fox Point branch of the Providence Public Library, in Providence, Rhode Island.

    • "D.W.'s Library Card" marks the first and only appearance of Aloysius Zimmerplotz, one of D.W.'s classmates. He has difficulty signing his full name onto a library card.

  • Quotes

    • D.W.: (after Arthur realizes that D.W. has accidentally broken his plane) If it could break the sound barrier, falling out of a window shouldn't be able to break it.
      Arthur: I told you not to touch it.
      D.W.: You built it all wrong! Did you even read the directions?
      (Arthur furiously gets on his feet and grits his teeth, but D.W. is too busy talking to be afraid.)
      D.W.: It didn't fly for one second! It's not my fault if you made a plane that can't fly.
      Arthur: (lividly) I told you... NOT TO TOUCH IT!!!!!!
      (He punches D.W., and she hits the ground; D.W. wails in agony as she heads back inside.)
      Mrs. Read: Arthur Timothy Read? Come here!
      Arthur: (shocked) Uh-oh. Middle name!

    • Arthur: (explaining what happened after Binky punched him) And the next thing I know, I'm on the ground. And it hurt, and was embarrassing.
      Mr. Read: Well, maybe that's what D.W. felt like when you punched her.

    • Arthur: I'm sorry I hit you.
      D.W.: And I'm sorry I broke your plane. But what kind of a stupid plane doesn't fly?
      Arthur: A model plane?
      D.W.: Well, I didn't know. I'm just a child! Give me a break!

    • Arthur: And I missed Bionic Bunny, and I'm not allowed to watch TV for a whole week. Can you believe it?
      Buster: No, I can't. You punching D.W.?

    • Mr. Read: (after Arthur punched D.W.) Arthur, this means no TV for a week.
      Arthur: What?! That is so unfair! You don't even care what she did to me!
      Mrs. Read: We'll deal with what she did. But what you did is wrong, too.

    • Arthur: Why don't just take out some other baby book?

    • D.W.: Look, Arthur! You didn't think I could do it, but I did it! And now I can take out any book I want! Now I know what true power feels like.

    • D.W.: I want more cards than Arthur.

    • Arthur: I can't take out baby books on my library card. It could go on my permanent record.

    • Arthur: But she broke my plane.
      Fern: But she's just a little girl.
      Arthur: Saying that D.W. is just a little girl is like saying a tornado is just a little wind.

    • (Arthur fantasizes what would happen if he checked out "Hopalong the Frog" for D.W., where he tries to have Ms. Turner check out a book, only for it to set off alarms...)
      : WARNING! Reader is a baby! Adult books are off-limits!! (metal blocks cover many of the bookshelves)
      Ms. Turner: (angrily) Sorry, Arthur! The last book you took out was "Hopalong the Frog!" From now on, you can only take out... (echoing) BABY BOOKS!
      (Ms. Turner presses a button, and two mechanical arms dress Arthur as a baby and hand him a bottle, and then takes a picture of Arthur dressed that way.)
      Kids: (offscreen in sing-song) Arthur's a baby! Arthur's a baby! Arthur's a baby!

    • Tommy Tibble: You think YOUR name is tough? Just be glad your not ALLOUISHES ZIPPERPLOT.

    • D.W.: Are you going to "amputake" my arm?
      Father: It's amputate, not "amputake".

    • D.W.: Why couldn't you have named me something simpler, like "A"?

  • Notes

    • Arthur's Big Hit was the first episode of Arthur to be rated TV-Y7 in the United States because it features hitting scenes (i.e. Arthur hitting D.W. on her arm, and then Binky doing the same to Arthur)

    • "D.W.'s Library Card" is available as a book by the same name. The book is written and illustrated by Marc Brown, but is based directly on the teleplay by Peter K. Hirsch. As of 2008, this book is the only D.W. book to be based off a story from the television series.

    • Ms. Turner has a watch around both of her arms and another around her neck and all of them always point to the same time.

    • As D.W. works on writing her name, the clock on the wall of the Read family household moves from 4 to 7. Therefore, the Reads eat dinner sometime after 7.

    • Oliver Granger speaks as D.W. in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Kid: (after D.W. tells him that he has a book about frogs) No. It's Chippy the Choo-Choo.

      Chippy the Choo-Choo is based on a children's television show, Thomas the Tank Engine.

    • Arthur: The Red Dog, okay? Got it?!

      In "D.W.'s Library Card," Arthur reads, word by word, the title of this book to D.W. The book is likely a spoof on Clifford the Big Red Dog, a book by Norman Bridwell, which spawned a popular series. It was later made into a PBSKids Television program. However, the series had not yet premiered at the time of the original release of this episode.