Season 4 Episode 1

D.W.'s Library Card / Arthur's Big Hit

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 06, 1999 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • D.W.: (after Arthur realizes that D.W. has accidentally broken his plane) If it could break the sound barrier, falling out of a window shouldn't be able to break it.
      Arthur: I told you not to touch it.
      D.W.: You built it all wrong! Did you even read the directions?
      (Arthur furiously gets on his feet and grits his teeth, but D.W. is too busy talking to be afraid.)
      D.W.: It didn't fly for one second! It's not my fault if you made a plane that can't fly.
      Arthur: (lividly) I told you... NOT TO TOUCH IT!!!!!!
      (He punches D.W., and she hits the ground; D.W. wails in agony as she heads back inside.)
      Mrs. Read: Arthur Timothy Read? Come here!
      Arthur: (shocked) Uh-oh. Middle name!