Season 4 Episode 6

D.W. Tale Spins / Prunella Gets it Twice

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 11, 1999 on PBS



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    • In "D.W. Tale Spins," Arthur and his friends read books from a series known as Veggiemorphs in which the characters have the power to morph into vegetables. This series is a spoof of the popular Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate. This series featured a group of five children who were given, by an alien, the ability to morph into various animals by acquiring their D.N.A. The series began in 1996 and came to an end in 2001, spanning over 50 books, various merchandise releases and a television series.

    • In "Prunella Gets it Twice," Prunella receives two of the same doll from a popular line of dolls known as "Polly Locket." This is a spoof on Polly Pocket, a line of dolls that first came out in the 1980s and later was reissued with a new design in 1999.

    • D.W.'s story in "D.W. Tale Spins" is a re-telling of Homer's epic Odyssey.

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